Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summertime Sadness

 If I haven't mentioned it already- I hate summer. I hate squinting my eyes in the bright sunlight, hate my hair feeling heavy with the humidity and sweat and hate not being able to add layers of clothing.

I personally prefer layering up separates to create a unique look. Mixing prints, fabrics and adding in statement staples is what I love and with the sun shining at it's brightest, minimal clothing is all I can think about. Clothes that let me feel light and feeling fuss- free all day. Come in- sheer blouses and shorter hemlines. While I would usually do a navy-white-tan or navy-white-red combination, I decide to add coral to this ensemble and bring in a little color. I love that the color of my ankle strap heels match perfectly with my matte lip gloss. The only good thing about the weather at the moment is that I can use my summer bronzing lotion, which made an appearance in my  June Favorites.I swear by this light reflecting lotion that gives my pins an airbrushed look and a bronzed summer glow.

Moving on to accessories, I paired this old beaded statement necklace that had hints of all the colors of my outfit to throw in some chaos against my solid navy blouse. Finishing off with an uber cute cross- body bag with quilting and tassel details, stolen from my photographer/ BFF was  only mandatory!

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Blouse: Zara, Skirt: Tailored, Necklace: New Look, Shoes: Spring, Bag:River Island


  1. My God woman, you are a stunner and your look book is exceptional.
    Serious love here.

  2. Hi Ashwathy!

    I really love your blog and your sense of style is totally amazing! I read and follow all your blog posts without fail. You are such a huge inspiration to me!
    I've noticed that you get a lot of your skirts tailored and I can't seem to find a good tailor in Bahrain. Can you tell me which tailor you go to?

    Keep up the good work! And please would you do more hair and makeup tutorials? Looking forward to all the blogposts!


    1. Thank you guys!

      Shilpa, I have a tailor in Gudaibiya . He's pretty good. The shop is behind universal food centre in Gudaibiya. Called Anwal Al ghazal.

    2. Thanks so much Ashwathy! - Shilpa

    3. Ashwathy, one more question; does your tailor do Indian stitching as well? Or only western styles? - Shilpa

  3. Salwars yes but I don't recommend giving hum saree blouses

  4. Hi, Ashwathy. This post says awesome a lot of times. You're a wild beast and those legs of yours are yummylicious. This is a very good outfit but you should take note on the colour of your skin. Your face is fair while your legs' colour... It's dusky. I think it's gone darker than usual while your makeup made your face, uhm, fair. :) You're like, two different colours now and when you look at the whole picture, it's not very nice to see. Choose one: do you want to look fair? Or dusky? Or go au naturale with slight makeup? It's something that came to my mind. I apologise if I said anything wrong. :) I wait for your posts eagerly and good luck with all of them and your life. :)

  5. WOW!
    It's a sin to be this beautiful!:P
    Love, love, love this outfit Ashwathy!