Friday, August 30, 2013

Design your own handbag with Farfetch

Do you sling a backpack over your shoulder or prefer a classic satchel? Farfetch have created this handbag widget to give you complete control over your accessories, and let you digitally design your perfect bag. So whether you're into studded details, woven textures or statement colours, anyone can create their own bespoke handbag in five easy steps. Just choose which style, colours, fabric and accessories you prefer, and then share it with your friends on facebook and Twitter to see what they think!

Here's a handbag I designed using this fun new widget ! Try it out yourself and share the link of your design below in the comments box for me to see! 
You can start designing by simply visiting the link below or just click HERE.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rusted red and midi skirts

My love affair for skirts have reached a whole new level ! My skirt length OTM? Midi Skirts! I used to cringe at the idea of wearing a skirt that was neither too short, knee length or full length. I used to find it very unattractive. But now, I'm all about these weird length-ed skirts, especially when they're crushed cotton and with a heavy border.

When buying a similar skirt,make sure they're circular and have a good flare. Else, if you've got hips like mine and the skirt sticks on to your body, It's going to look hideous.
Also, I'm wearing a full kurta underneath the skirt, as a top. I think that this color sits beautifully with the hemline and I didn't want to wear a tee and take away the elegance of the skirt.

On another note, I'm back in Bahrain in another 2 days, so yay for that!

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Kurta(worn as top) :Fab India, Skirt:Thrifted, Necklace:Goodwill, Bangles:Assorted

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blue, Green and Gold

It was my cousin's wedding yesterday and This was what I wore to the event. I love saris and for those of you who follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you know how fond I am about ethnic wear.

I usually pleat and pin up the sari at my shoulder. This is only because I hate leaving it loose. It's so much harder to handle and makes me very fidget-y.But if you're wearing a see through tulle sari , I suggest leaving the sari loose and only pinning one side of the border near the shoulder. I've also started hating short sleeved blouses. It's either 3/4 sleeved blouses or sleeveless for me. Oh and the back has got to be deep. There's an art of looking subtly sexy in a sari and we Indians do it extremely well.

On another note, If you're wondering about my blouse, I got it designed myself. I never use the blouse piece that actually comes with the sari. But in this case, I used the blue brocade as lining and got embellished green tulle fabric from a shop and fused them together to create a color in-between. I didn't want to go with the cliched one color blouse hence, my own creation.

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Sari : Dulhan, Bangles : Assorted, Earrings : Goodwill collections

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Just Rambling...

So my vacation is almost coming to an end and although I will miss all the greenery around this place, I definitely wont miss the humidity right now. Bahrain's heat is actually bearable.(I cant believe i actually said that, But it's true.)
The thing is although it pours heavily, when the sun is out, its so humid, and my skin feels sticky and I absolutely hate the feeling. My hair gets crazy and all I can do is tie it up! Also I haven't been wearing much makeup here because ladies, your face WILL melt off. I only wear some sunscreen, a primer and some kohl. Surprisingly my makeup stayed on for long on the engagement day (see previous post). I'm thinking its because of the oil free Pore Professional primer from Benefit!

On another note, my sister gets married  in two days and I'm super excited!

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On me: Dresstop, Leggings : Mango, Shoes:Zara, Chain: Swarovski

Major cost cutting here

So my cousin got engaged yesterday and this is what I wore to the event. I love dressing up in ethnic wear and because there are only limited Indian events to attend in Bahrain, Whenever I am in India, I go all out when there's a festive occasion around the corner. But this time, I made sure I looked the part but cut down on the splurging.
More on what I'm wearing, I've purchased the top separately in a small local boutique in Bahrain and picked out fabric for the dupatta and pants and got them stitched. I used raw silk for the pants and tulle for the shawl and got these really cheap gold borders for the dupatta and attached it to make it a little more dressy. So while everyone else is splurging on wearing designer pieces for the engagement, Total cost of my outfit?

Kurti: BD 6 
Pants fabric plus stitching charges: BD 5.500
Dupatta fabric plus stitching charges: BD 2
Total cost: BD 13.500

Win? I think so!

On another note, I'm all about kundan jewelry at the moment. 

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Morning Blues

 I'm loving all my latest purchases from India. I happened to pick this beautiful skirt from a saree shop recently. The place, which is three floors of splendor, is none other than Jayalakshmi In Cochin, Kerala. If you ever happen to be in Kerala, make sure you pay a visit and buy yourself some beautiful sarees.I also love Seematti for ethnic wear. Both the shops are on MG road so you know where to stop by when you're in my turf.

I wanted the skirt to be the hero of my outfit so I paired it with a basic black tee and added a bright orange neck piece to pop against the dark color. I love that it looks so antique and that it compliments the cobalt blue of my skirt very well.
As you all know I'm a little bit of an accessory junkie so its only fair that I let you in on my favourite place to buy accessories here- Goodwill collections, also in Cochin. OMG you guys I'm not kidding when I say they have amazing stuff! From earrings to bangles, chunky vintage necklaces to imitation Kundan, they have everything! I was like a little id in a candy store. Everything I laid eyes on, I wanted to buy. Luckily for me, we were running out of time so all I managed to buy was this necklace and two beautiful pairs of earrings, which will make an appearance in the next post.

Skirt: Jayalakshmi, Tee: Mango, Shoes:Thrifted, Necklace: Goodwill

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Denim and Black .

Surprisingly, Kerala is not that humid atm to wear a denim jacket, I'm shocked really, because this is probably the first time that I'm actually enjoying the weather here.

Now because I've packed very lightly for this trip, I'm trying to make the best out of all the basics in my suitcase. Leggings, as you may know, I cant do without. That, a few basic boyfriend tees and my trusty denim jacket. I also realized I've packed only heavy Indian jewelry for the wedding so I've only been wearing the love cuff and trust me when I say it goes with everything.Now ladies, that's the kind of stuff you want to cash in on. A piece that goes with any outfit, every outfit.
On another note, my hair is extremely crazy here. It's the weather and my hair refuses to obey me. So quite annoyed with that. It wont stay in a topknot either.

Enough about me, How have you guys been? Feel free to leave comments.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rediscovering my roots...

My cousin gets married in 2 weeks and there’s so much to do, yet, here I am blogging a very mallu-ish look for you guys. Yes, I’m rediscovering my roots in Kerala
Because it’s hard for me to commute in this place and ask my sister to take me on location for shoots, I’ve decided to make the best out of my backyard for now. It keeps raining on and off so I’ve had to run to the house and back to get a few shots.
Also, I've only been wearing maxi skirts and leggings under tees here. I try to look as normal / mallu as possible and not attract unwanted stares. Dont ask why.

P.S: I miss Bahrain.

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