Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sugar Rush


Ring:AfterShock, Bracelets:Turkey, Necklace:Camaieu, Watch:Anne Klein

I've been wanting to wear this turquoise blouse ever since I picked it up from Mango, but I waited until I had the time to fix these hot pink cutout heels, that were damaged ever since New Years (thanks to dancing non stop and club-hopping). The stopper had come off and I had a hard time finding one that was the exact color, size and fit.
So I finally managed to fix them over the weekend and I got to wear the blouse.And oh my gosh , I forgot how comfy these shoes are!

More on the outfit:

Turquoise one pleat sheer blouse from Mango. Find it here
Alice fit jeans by Mango. Shop similar styles here.
Always ask for the Alice or Paty fit jeans at Mango, because they're a great fit and never lose shape.
Thrifted bag

Hope you guys had a great weekend. Stay Fabulous!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Green Day, A page from my style scrapbook

What I'm wearing :

Black lace bodysuit:New Look, get it here
Black waterfall cardigan, Zara.Love this fringed SS version here
Green Zara skinny jeans. Shop similar styles here
Leather bag, Sequoia Paris. I love their bags. Here I have the best out of the "kick" collection. Shop here
Ring: Aldo
Necklace: Camaieu

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ah! Paris

What I'm wearing:

Look 1:
Satin Blazer, Mango.Same style here
Paty fit blue skinny jeans, Mango. Similar stylehere
Quilted Bag, Mango
Suede ballet flats, Bata

Look 2:
I heart Paris tee
Black twill dipped hem skirt, Peacocks. Loving this pleated version
Zara tie up heels, you could also wear these

Look 3:
Pleated skirt, Oasis.Get it here
Striped coat, New look
Pumps, Miss Selfridge.Splurge on these

The last brunch, not supper

So remember how a few days back I said I had some sad news to announce?Well, the day is finally here.
After a lot of giggles, screams, money spent, loafing around and tears, it was finally time to say good bye to my co-worker/blogger and friend, Tasha Rajee.
She joined the company, a snobby little spoiled princess(or at least I thought so) always glued on to her blackberry and she leaves now, a strong, independent woman,still glued to her 5th blackberry? No I think it's the 6th or the 7th...

2 chick flicks, an insane amount of food and 3 bags of chips later, we decide to take some pictures for the blog.

Tasha Rajee: Designer. Visit her kids wear brand and like the page here

Tasha and I

Tasha will still be blogging on the Fashion segment on our blog from Australia, where she will be united with her hubby!
Tash, I wish you all the very best in all your future endeavours.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Heels

With the start of summer, who says you have to ditch the pumps and wear flats instead?
Okay, I did tweet that, but I did find a great alternative, and by that I mean these wedges by Kurt Geiger.And I don't mean just any wedges, I mean THESE wedges!!
I'm not a huge fan of wedges and although I know they're summer must haves, I couldn't really find a pair that I liked. I know every fashion retailer out there is doing the structured wedge design, but I still didn't like any !!
So as I was going for my usual stroll in the park, no wait- the mall, I happened to see these babies staring at me.I swear I could hear the hallelujah chorus as I tried them on.
It didn't take me more than 2  minutes to make up my mind.

Wedges: Kurt Geiger

Also, Here's what I wore to brunch with the girls!

 Blouse:HM, Jeans and Bag:Mango,Wedges:Kurt Geiger

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dancing in the sunshine

I've been on the look out for the perfect maxi skirt... and I'm not kidding...for almost a year now. Yes, A whole year!! I do have many maxi skirts , but I never really found "the one".

But I'm happy to say as of last month, my search has finally ended.
How gorgeous is this cotton maxi skirt? I love how big yet light it is and I love how swooshy it is. Every time I walk, I feel like I'm floating on clouds!
When I did the photo shoot for this post, I had tons of fun playing with the skirt and simply...Dancing in the sunshine!
Oh and by the way, I found this skirt in a tiny Indian boutique on a small road side shop in Bahrain!I'm so glad my mom dragged me in there with her! Thanks mommy :)

Skirt: God Send, Pink vest:Camaieu, Denim Vest:F21, Bag:Thrifted, Accessories: Aldo, Daisy Head band: Turkey

Its Thursday tomorrow! Yay!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Convert your Indian kurta into a dipped hem top

It's been a tough couple of days at the design office-so much to do and so little time.I have some sad news to announce soon and although I wish for it to not be hurts to say that it is.
Moving on, In today's post, lets talk about Indian outfits- kurtas, kurtis, salwaar suits etc. I mean, how many of you actually wear these around?
There's so much you can do with Indian wear and here is one way how you can wear your kurta in a more trendy way, by converting it into a dipped hem top sans the fabric shears.

What you will need:
  • A kurta- preferably one that has slits on both sides.
  • Your awesome self.
All you need to do is tuck in the front portion of the kurta into your jeans and that's it. Its as simple as that. Add on a shiny belt, wear your favorite pair of heels and remember to accessorize well.

What I did to keep the Indian part of it alive? Stacked up thread bangles and oxidized silver jewellery and carried my Indian-ish fringe bag with bead work.

Can you tell  I'm Indian but born and brought up in another country?

Kurta: India, Bag:Monsoon, Jeans:Mango, Shoes:New look, Belt:Alcott

I'm actually going to put in a separate section on how to wear Indian outfits in an entirely different way. Cannot wait to share ideas with you guys!

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Power Of Black

The colloquialism "X is the new black" is a reference to the latest trend or fad that is considered a wardrobe basic for the duration of the trend, on the basis that black is always fashionable.

Wearing black can signify many things, for eg: it could portray that you are feeling powerful, sophisticated, strong and independent.
Although wearing all-black often can make you look boring and washed out, if you're the one to never wear black, wearing the color can instantly make you look slimmer, taller and give you an appearance of confidence.

Don't like wearing black too much? Here's how you can make it work by adding pops of color to balance it out.

1)Black + bright color

Hot pink and black is one of our favorite combos. There's nothing better than portraying strength and woman power at the same time!You can wear a bright pair of heels, carry just a bright colored bag or even wear a blazer over your all-black outfit to make it stand out.

Shirt:H&M, Trousers & Peep toe pumps: Zara, Long line Blazer: Centrepoint
P.S: We love how this blazer fits!Even beats the fit of all our Zara blazers!

2) Black+bright color+white

White and black: BORING!! But wait, you can make it better by adding a bright color. White and black although a trusty combination can look very sedate as everybody out there is doing it. Set yourself apart by adding colorful jewellery, footwear or a bag.

              Tee: Mango, Wrap around skirt: From India, Sandals:Alcott, X-over bag: Thrifted

3) Black+Bright color+dark animal print

Animal prints never go out of style so use a print that's on the darker side of the color wheel and add an accent color. Hot pink and black again with a grey leopard print dress.

  Blazer, Dress: Mango, cutout heels: Spring, Leggings:H&M, Clutch: Centrepoint (who would've thought? )

4) Black+black+black +statement jewellery

Wearing black head to toe can look like you're mourning , so always remember to get creative with the hair. Add statement jewellery and killer heels to point out that you're in style, a la Audrey Hepburn.

Dress: Zara, Pumps: Miss Selfridge, Clutch: Lancome, collar neck piece: Thrifted

So go ahead and don't be afraid to wear black. It all comes down to how you decide to dress it up or down. And don't forget to remember the 3 W's when dressing up: Where,What and Why.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend, Taash certainly did.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Color Blocking 101

Color Blocking 101:

Even though the color blocking trend has come and gone, I still see a lot of women doing it and sometimes it hurts the eye when you see someone just strutting around looking like a walking box of Crayola.
Colorful clothes make you feel better  and can lift up your spirits instantly but you must follow the rules of the color wheel if you're going to work the trend.
Some safe combinations you can try out are Red+Yellow, Pink+Brown, Green+Yellow, Navy+Coral. When wearing black, you can coordinate with up to 3 colors.

Rule# 1: When working with two bright colors, Remember about accessorizing-Less is always more. Also, you do not want to overwhelm the look by adding another bright color on your feet.Stick to a tonally darker/lighter shade of what you're wearing already. Or you can even pick up hints from little details on your outfit and play match.
Note below how I've used the gold heel on my pumps and the gold buttons on my blouse to match my clutch with. You could also tuck in your blouse and add a lacy gold belt!
I personally love yellow and blue but it depends on the shade of the colors, really!

Blouse:H&M, Jeans and shoes:Zara, Clutch:Versace, Accessories:Thrifted

Rule# 2: When in doubt, Always look at the color wheel.Pick out the colors that are directly opposite each other and try to look for something in your closet that is the closest match.Sometimes taking a risk is good if you are very confident with yourself and your choices. 
Here I've picked out 2 shades of purple and paired it with 2 shades of green. Note how the shades differ from my top to bag,both in purple and my skirt and shoe, both in green. When playing with shades, always remember to not bring another color into the picture as it can disturb the entire look of the outfit.

Blouse:Vero Moda, Bag:Monsoon, Pumps: Zara, Skirt:Koton

Rule# 3: The break in silence. If you're looking to color block in a more subtle way, Always remember to use a basic color like black or nude. There's just so much to do with these colors. 
With nude or lighter shades always keep balance by choosing two complimentary bold  colors to go with it. Remember both the bright colors should compliment each other as well as compliment the neutral color individually.
Blue and pink sit splendidly together and look great against a pale brown.P.S: The skirt is actually a top. Its just worn as a skirt! :)

Tee: F21, Top worn as skirt:Alcott , Cutout heels:Spring, Clutch:Centrepoint

Another option is to use black.You can go as crazy as you like with black .The loudest colors and accessories can sit beautifully with black bust just make sure you've got enough black on you to distract the onlookers eye.
Here I've paired chunky black heels and jeans with pink, yellow and this gorgeous green-blue.

Rule# 4: Breaking all the above rules. At the end of the day everyone's style is their own. And its great to simply stand out from the crowd by just breaking the norms.The way you dress actually speaks a lot about yourself and every one has the right to express emotions and feelings through clothing.

Below: Jeans:F21, Scarf:Alcott, Neon bag: thrifted, Blouse:Camaieu, Pumps:New look

But remember, always mix to create a harmonious palette.

Hope you all found this helpful!!