Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lipstick 101

 I’m the girl who started wearing lipstick at the age of 21. Before that, I only used Vaseline on my lips or only applied a red color that my makeup artist used on me during my dance shows with my group. I don’t even think it was a brand; it was a pot that he used for all the girls, regardless of their skin tone. Needless to say, while some of the girls ended up looking gorgeous, the others (including me) looked rather whorish.

My fist lipstick was a deep red that I purchased after months and months of looking for a red that went well with my skin tone.
The fist thing before even picking up lipsticks to try on, is to identify and know what color would look good on you, something that complements your skin tone. I am something in between a medium and dusky and I tan very easily and hence my lipstick even varies from summer to winter.

Porcelain – Fair skin:
You are lucky and can pull off anything, Lighter colors, darkest reds, browns, plums, even the ones with the metallic bits and sparkles in them. Colors like petal pink, baby pink, bright red, hot pink and orange all look great on you.Even the nudest of nudes with a smoky eye will look great.

Medium- Dusky: ( This is where I fall under):
Picking out colors can be tricky when you’re in between. Never look at wearing bright reds, pinks or oranges – It will make you look darker than usual, and you will not photograph well with photo flash. When buying nude colors, always go for a more brownish nude than a cream nude. You want something that’s a little darker than your skin so you don’t look like you’re dead. Metallic purples and light reflecting particles in colors like mauve and pink that have a glitter effect are complete no-no’s unless it’s Halloween. For my Indian friends, think Shilpa Shetty in ‘ Main Khiladi Tu Anari’ and ‘Baazigar’.
Deep reds, burgundy, corals, rich pinks and browns are great for this skin tone.
My current obsession is a beautiful coral , YSL kiss and blush in number 5.

Always stick to dark, rich colors like oxblood, dark magenta, browns and burgundy. If you have clean and great skin, a dark orange works too! 

A lot of women have trouble on application and getting lipstick to last for hours. Here's how I apply my lipstick and I guarantee it will last longer than usual.
1. Apply foundation on the lip and blend well.Dust on some loose powder. 
2. Start by lining the lip line lightly- and blend the color inward.
3. Apply the lipstick evenly, ensuring you stay in the line. Blot with a tissue paper.
4. Apply lip gloss if required.
5. Clean up- Use a small brush and foundation to clean up the are around the lips and dust on some setting       powder!


  1. Is the last lipstick picture's shade similar to L'oreal colour riche in beige creme?

  2. Beige creme is more pinkish, this is more pale. I would say slightly lighter, more nude.

  3. Hi achu

    I jus wanted to know which kind of foundation do we need for the lip. The same as we use for face?
    Also, I wanted to know whats different between concealer and foundation

    Thank you

    1. Hi Noof ! Yes, the same foundation you use for face is ok. Concealer is more heavy based than foundation. Concealer is patted on to the area that needs coverage like under eyes or spots while foundation is blended in.

  4. Thank you so much Ash! Was eagerly waiting for this one. It was so well put and easy to understand! But just a teeny question- I feel like I am somewhere between porcelain and fair. I am more yellow in my tone I'd say. When I try proper reds, it looks quite slutty/unsuitable or as if my face is desperately missing something. Could you suggest something for that? But thanks a lot for taking up so much effort and putting it all in one post. It's so handy! Love you to the moon and back xx

    1. Hi DWD, always happy to help.
      Is this your first shade of red u are purchasing? If so, you may feel that nothing suits you as you might not be used to wearing such colours.
      If not, then start with the bourjois lip gloss in grand cru. You need to have completely tissue blotted lips as it won't go over the area if there is some spit. So try it out. If you find it messy to apply go for the kate moss rimmell matte red that's dark. Number 10 or 11, I think. You might find matte, Un glossy lipsticks better !

      Do let me know if this helps!

  5. Could you do a post (with pictures) on your favourite lipsticks. And more importantly, can you please list what lip colour you are wearing in each post. Its a big part of each of your looks.

  6. Whats the lipstick shade in the pic?