Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Heel talk! What to wear and where.

But is it practical to wear heels throughout the week? I always believe that one must be stylish, but practical. I cannot say this enough! So here are a few ideas to how you can incorporate heels to a few occasions that may pop up in a busy week!

Movie Date at the mall:
Want to wear heels to your movie date but afraid of walking around a lot in the mall? The solution? Block heels! These are sturdier and help you stride and keep up with your partner’s pace! Try strappy block heels instead of pumps so you can take larger steps without having to worry about your heel slip out every now and then.
Running errands/ Travelling :
Invisible wedge kicks give you the option of looking stylish and giving you the added height while you're running around doing errands. These are a must have in my closet and they're perfect while travelling too. Not only are they super comfortable, they're also practical and go with almost any piece of clothing- dresses, jeans and skirts!
Drinks with the girls after a working day:
Stilettos are perfect for an evening out but what if you've got work the same morning and have no time to change? Mid heels with a Twist! I love unusual looking shoes especially ones you can take from a day at work to a night out. All you need to do is to add on some red lipstick at night and you're ready!
Believe it or not, wearing a pair of high heeled pumps to an interview can make you look confident, energetic and strong. I love to wear a power suit with a pair of my highest black pumps to an interview. If you’re wobbly on 5 inches and higher, opt for 4 inches high,block heeled pumps instead. Remember to keep the pant suit tapered and not wide- legged!
Sky high heels can make you feel uncomfortable on a busy day at the office, especially if you have a lot of running around to do. Opt for low heels and something that’s comfortable enough to wear long hours. If you have wider feet, rounded toe shoes are better than pointed toes. Black and nude go with everything so make sure you invest in a good, comfy pair and these can last you a lifetime!
Brunch with the girls/ day time event:
I also like to call them day heels.Wedges are a more comfortable heel option if you’re not a huge fan of stilettos. What’s better is that it’s great for the day time and noon time while you’re having some fun in the sun with your girlfriends. Great for casual days, brunch with the girls and garden parties, where you don’t have to worry about your heel getting stuck in the soil!
Special Occasion dinner date:
Try to go for a classy-glamorous look. Pointed toes and bling are key factors to this look. Choose a mid heel in a sexy shape rather than platform pumps. Pointed toes are always chic and feminine. Satin, metallics, studded, gold trims etc are all good to up the glam factor.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

DIY: Easy Bridal Veil

 Bride on a budget? No problem! Bridal accessories can be quite expensive and what better way to cut down on costs by creating one yourself? I made my sister's bridal veil and it's no surprise that she looked stunning!
These 5 easy steps teach you how to make a bridal veil for yourself or a loved one!

 You will need:

  • 2 1/2 meters of  FINE ivory tulle. (depending on the length of the veil to suit the bride and depending on the color of the bridal gown).
  • A tiara / crown comb. I've used a comb.
  • Lace ribbon- color to match the tulle.
  • Needle, thread and scissors.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Iron on crystals and a be-dazzler (Optional)

 Start by cutting the edges of the fabric you are using into curved ends. Do this neatly and evenly. Then fold in half meter of the fabric or the desired length that will cover the bride's face.

With the fold neat and even, Use a strong white thread and run a stitch to secure the fold in place.Make sure that the loose end of the thread is knotted big so it doesn't escape through the tiny holes in the net. Pick up both layers to secure and after reaching the end, pull the fabric and gather the net and knot the gathers . The body of the veil is now ready.

TIP( TSCT Recommends): If you want some of the fabric to cover the sides of the face, instead of starting the running stitch from the ends, start only midway so that the gathers are only in the center of the fabric like so: 

You may choose to sew on the tiara to the gathers now, or you may leave it till the end. This is up to you as some find it easier to sew on the fabric to the tiara in the end.
I have already attached the gathers to the comb by hand sewing the veil in place.

The last step is to machine stitch the lace ribbon to the ends of the tulle so that the raw selvages are covered and stay hidden. I've machine stitched it because the veil I created for my sister was very long. If you want to have a shorter veil and don't know how to use the machine, you may hand sew the lace neatly.

Optional: If the tiara you have picked is very light and you want some added glam factor, you can use iron on stones and stick these on the veil, away from each other so that the stones sparkle in the light.
Make sure the tulle can withstand the heat and pressure of iron on stones before fixing them on.

P.S: Once the professional pictures of the wedding are out, I'll post one so you guys can see the veil on the bride!

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Being yourself ...

The most important part of looking and feeling stylish is being comfortable in what you wear. You shouldn't have to follow a trend just because everyone is. Sometimes the trendiest thing to follow is simply being yourself.
You may get poked fun at for not being "in" and up to date with the current trends. But you know what? They fade. They're short lived styles and who wants that?

So for the girls who want to wear heels but cant, invest in beautiful eye catching flats. For the girls who love wearing short skirts but are conscious about showing too much skin, have fun with denim or even patterned tights. There's always going to be that one person pointing a finger at you for what you wear. Well, they might be in sky high heels and laughing at you, but at least you can throw something at them and run away in your flats and not worry about them catching up to you! OK, I'm joking. Don't do that. Lol.
Ignore. Ignorance is bliss.

On a style note, I paired this tan coat with red and black because I hate over-doing color in the winter. It's always best to stick to one accent color and keep the rest of your outfit neutral unless you want it to look like crayola threw up on you. During summer, it's a different story.

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Coat and Leggings: Zara, Blouse: Mango, Bag and Necklace: Monsoon, Boots: Massimo Dutti

Valentine's Day Feature with Sabaya Magazine

I was featured in this month's Sabaya Magazine for a special Valentine's Day post. You can read the full magazine on the e-site if you haven't grabbed your copy yet! Read  Sabaya , my post is on page 18!
Hope you all had a wonderful V day with your special ones. And that needn't be just your boyfriend. I'm talking about family and friends too!

Happy love day everyone! I love you all!

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Dress and shoes:Mango, Jacket:New Look
Photography: Oxygen Photography
Location: Galleria Sophia, Tilly's, Jawad dome

Monday, February 10, 2014

These Flowers again!

If you remember from last year, I had posted about this little peice of land behind my house that gets covered in little yellow flowers every winter.It's such a beautiful sight especially when you live in the desert and are used to seeing sand and barren ground everywhere! Like these flowers, a lot of good things have bloomed for me in the year that passed.

A very special friend recently asked me why I hadnt taken any of my blog pictures this year on the flower coated ground that we pass by every time we go out. So here it is. The post with me in my most comfortable attire, extremely casual and relaxed, fuss free and exactly how I like to be on days when I'm just chilling with my friends. No high heels, no hair flying in my face and some killer red lips. That is all you need to look and feel good!

Tee: H&M, Jacket:Mango, Leggings:Zara, Bag:Aldo, Shoes:Charles and Keith

Friday, February 7, 2014

High Definition Sequins

 It's been a busy couple of weeks, preparing for my sister's big day tomorrow, which is why the lack of posts. I've been trying to keep my facebook page and Instagram account as updated as I can so if you miss me when I don't post you can follow me on instagram @askthestylecouncil and even like my face book page by clicking here.
I've got exciting posts lined up for you starting 10th Feb, so watch this space.

On a style note, I decided to wear this sateen sequin printed dress to an event recently and I love how shiny the fabric is! I decided to add in gold and black accents because nothing sits with green as well as gold does.
And because I'm the queen of good finds, I got this dress at 4 bhd! SCORE!

Until the next post, xxoo's !

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Dress: Zara, Shoes and Bag: Dune, Watch : AK, Belt:Camaieu