Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Jacket:Hush Puppies, Shirt:Pull and Bear, Shorts:Camaieu, Stockings:India, Boots: Primark, Accessories:Assorted

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Sometimes when I want to connect with the stronger side in me, I end up dressing like a tomboy and that sucks because I should really be wearing my heels and red lipstick. But oh well. These pictures were taken a while back and I was too busy to upload these.

On a style note, These boots are the comfiest riding boots I own and I love them! I took them to London with me and I think its safe to say that if it weren't for these guys, I'd have had a frost bite from the freezer temperature there. I walked for miles in them, got lost, asked for directions, got lost again and somehow managed to walk back to my hotel and my feet weren't sore! So these boots, definitely #WIN !

Oh and is it too obvious that I love Yenzi too much? 
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Casual working days...

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One of the many things I love about my job is the fact that I don't have to always be in formals. I switch between flats and heels, casual jumpers to seriously smart blouses and top knots to loose wavy hair.

Here are a few of my casual looks over the past few weeks to work. Because I work in a fashion office, I make sure I look the part.

Oh and I have a confession to make, I keep a pair of flats at work. Just in case the day unexpectedly requires me to run around the stores.Try this yourself and you'll realize one day...those flats will save you.

Until the next post,

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

London 2:Out and About

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Here are a few photographs,( through my iLens) of my outings in London. I didn't take many outfit pics as requested because sadly,I had no photographer for the week I was there.

1: Finally, Wagamama. I had the chicken katsu curry and it was delicious!!!!

2: At Westfeild mall. The Topshop we have is nothing compared to the stores there.

3: Lunch at Bella Italia. Got this shot as a shiny red bus passed by.

4: Dressed up in Black tie attire for the BHS Retail Awards night at The Wallace Art Gallery.

5: Finally got my hands on the famous Kiehl's midnight recovery serum. Its been 2 days of me using this and it's totally worth the 35 pounds I spent!

6: Harry Potter's wand for sale. Any takers?

7. This was supposed to go under the "lunch at Bella Italia" photo... Oh well, I had the whole grain pasta.


9: GIANT headsets at Selfridges.

10: MnM World.This was three floors of candy. color and yumminess. This shall be my home someday.

11: Pretty Things...

12: Leicester Square at night time.

13: And more pretty Chandeliers...

Until my next travel post (In August),

Sunday, February 17, 2013

London Baby!

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So I spent all of last week in London and I loved every single minute of my trip! London is such a beautiful city and so are the people.
I arrived at Heathrow with the temperature being -1 and snow falling all over my head. I now know what "as white as snow" means.
Oh and the pigeons are fat and not afraid of anyone! 

These are just a few photographs I took walking around the place. Will post more photographs later.

Until then,

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Featured in 181 youth magazine

Here is my latest magazine feature in 181's online magazine. I've been meaning to post this before I traveled to London but unfortunately, couldn't. Follow @181youth on twitter!

You can follow 181 on facebook HERE, and even read the full magazine online via the FB page.


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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pink, Yellow and Floral prints

Blouse and Shoes:Gifted-Australia, Dress:River Island,Bag:Monsoon, Accessories:Assorted.

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Just as I’m in the mind frame that the weather is phasing into spring, Mother Nature plays it hard with the chilly winds yet again.
Oh well, the afternoons are usually sunny so I stepped out in this gorgeous floral netted blouse (gifted by a dear friend), worn over a dress to make the broad hemline border look like a skirt. I love the stud detailing on the collar of the blouse.
Speaking of studs, notice my kitten heeled shoes? Needless to say, I heart them. Bonus points because they’re so comfy, I could walk for miles in them!

On another note, learn to experiment with color. You don’t always have to pair each and every bright colour in your wardrobe with neutrals like black or white. Don’t be afraid to don bright on bright. Take the chance, be bold and be different. Stop gelling with the crowd, stand out of it.


Monday, February 4, 2013

A match made in Heaven

Jumper and Jeans:Mango, Necklace:HM, Bag:Candy by Furla, Shoes: Reva croc pumps by Tory Burch
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So its been over a month since I received my Furla Jelly bag and I'm loving it a little too much these days. I love how glossy it is and the fact that you can almost see through the bag.

I took her (Yes, its a "her") for a spin to the mall on a serious shopping trip the other day and wore my cobalt skinnies and Tory Burch reva flatties to match. I initially thought of wearing hot coral jeans to add some contrast with the blue and I highly recommend the color combo!
 Note to self: Must get coral jeggings.

Honorable mention to this slub-yarn mango jumper for being so casually chic.

What's your favorite color combination for the transitioning season this year?