Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lemon and Licorice

 I love over-sized clutches and the fact that most of mine are all too glam to carry around for the day, I decided to masquerade this chartreuse laptop bag for daytime. I paired it with a lace maxi skirt and a yellow chiffon blouse, worn back-ways, as I wanted more volume on the back.
The reason this maxi skirt looks more like a midi, is because I've hitched it up and worn it as a dress inside. Like I always say, always focus on buying separates that you can get good use out of.

More about the laptop case, these come in great funky colors for summer and will be available at Shoe City in a week's time. I suggest you carry your laptop or record the size so you know if it's going to hold your gadget. Either that, or parade it like an over-sized clutch like I did! It comes with sponge padding inside so it's soft and will protect delicate compact cases tucked inside. Oh, and your laptop of course!

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Laptop case- Ciro by Shoe City


  1. Loving the summer splash! The pictures and location are absolutely wow too! But I am still waiting for the easy to understand lippy tutorial (specific to skin tones)! Pretty please work on that? xx

    1. Thank you ! Sorry will def work on that soon ! Xx

  2. You look stunning. I love the lace skirt. Usually I would think that looks hooker- ish but you make it work.
    Can you post more of your makeup looks on instagram?