Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April Favourites!

 I love trying out new products every now and then and as soon as I fall in love with it hopelessly, I make sure I shout about it so that you guys can try it out yourself.
Now usually, I’m very skeptical about trying skincare products because my skin is extremely sensitive and I break out if something doesn't suit me. So after a lot of trial and Error and break outs, I've also fallen in love with a skin care range. So I switched from Dermalogica completely.

Let’s talk about my love affair with these guys…
·        Maybelline Dream Sun: I’m a huge fan of contouring and I look for matte bronzers during winters and the ones with a subtle shimmer for summer, to really make my skin glow. This is the ultimate everyday bronzer for me! It’s got 3 colors so I use the lightest shade under my eyes and on the top of my cheek bone and blend the medium and  darker shake right across my cheeks and on the corners of my nose. I love the soft shimmer and how my face glows in the sunlight!
·        Bare Minerals loose powder and Mineral Veil: I've switched from Benefit’s Oxygen Wow compact to this loose powder by Bare Minerals. I have combination skin and I hate it when My T zone gets oily! At first, I was reluctant to buy it but the store looked promising so I thought I’d buy it to test it out. The sales lady also suggested I try the mineral veil, which is a pink translucent powder that you simply dust on your face after your makeup application. In an impulse I purchased the jumbo power brush and guess what? These 3 guys have become my favorites! My skin stays matte for longer and I barely need touch ups! The mineral veil is my favorite among the lot and I really do vouch for it!
·        Gosh Lash Growth Serum: I’ll donate my entire shoe collection to the woman who doesn't want longer lashes. We all want beautiful, thick and fuller lashes and I decided to give this bad boy a chance. It was yet another impulse buy at Boots and although it promises fuller lashes in 2 weeks, I've got to be honest and say that it took longer than that. I've definitely seen some improvement and new hair growth in about a month. I apply this with the wand both on my upper and lower lash line before I go to bed and after being patient with it, It earned a spot on my favorites. Now this product comes with a mascara that helps in the growth too, so I’m definitely going to try that out as well!
·        Eucerin: This product was recommended to me by my dermatologist and although I started out with Eucerin’s dermopurifier range first, I've tried out almost all of the products they have and I absolutely love it. I especially love the ‘even brighter’ range that helps reduce pigmentation. I've been using the dermopurifier cleanser and the day and night crème from the EB range and I have to admit that my skin looks and feels so much healthier now!
·        Maybelline: I’m a sucker when it comes to kohl and eyeliner as you guys know and I love my white liner so much that I wanted a rich gold as well to add into my highlight kohl collection. The chromatics range from Maybelline is SO GOOD, you will want to buy them all. The color is extremely intense and upon application, it’s so smooth and rich, the color shows from a distance. I even got my friend in Qatar to buy it and she loved it. Even if all your other make up wears out after 8 hours, this will stay on until you wash it off! I highly recommend this.

So that’s all this month. I hope you guys try out some of these and give me your thoughts on them. I hope you love them as much as I do! Until the next update then!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The much awaited...

So as promised back in February, Here are a few images from my sister's wedding! The entire theme was ivory, gold and purple all based around the bride's favorite color.
The event was beautifully planned and taken care of by the amazing wedding planners at APSHAR. From location, to the food , from intricate floral decor pieces to the cake, all were arranged by the planners after my sister had given them an idea of what her dream wedding was to look like. Needless to say, everything ended up spectacular on the big day and exactly what my sister wanted!
Moving on, let's forward back to my DIY Bridal Veil post from February. Below is an image of how the veil looked on the bride. Double layer, floor length tulle in Ivory and french lace trimmings! Easily an heirloom piece, me thinks!

I have wedding fever at the moment .Sigh.

Bridal Gown: Rosa Clara, Veil: Handmade. Hair and Makeup: Lavish 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hidden Details

Summer calls for casual dresses and cute flats. I love wearing dresses but the downside to a great dress is that you might not be able to wear it too often, unless you know how to camouflage it as a whole other outfit. So here's what I've done to a dress that I wear too often- Simply thrown a casual black tee over the dress and added in a mock collar so it looks like I'm wearing a skirt! Genius and simple. Try it out yourself but remember to layer a dress that's fitted at the top. Layer with a denim jacket, a tee shirt, a shirt tied up or even  a belted blazer. Get creative and you can repeat your favorite dress as much you like.
TSCT TIP : I love the idea of pairing a basic LBD with a cropped denim jacket and sneakers during the day and killer heels and a statement necklace for the night.
Also, Can you guys make out that I'm wearing stocking with this dress? Yep. I am. They're my favorite and I wear them when I feel a little chilly outdoors and I always wear a pair with skirts to work. They're very light, ladder-resistant and come in a pack of 5 at BHS! I love these and cant get enough! I'm wearing them in "Natural Tan". Who would have thought right?!

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Dress, Tee and Bag: Mango, Shoes: Zara, Collar:Oasis, Accessories: Monsoon & F21

Monday, April 7, 2014

Easy Weekend looks 101

 I love spending my weekend mornings in over-sized clothes and comfortable flats, which is why I decided to throw on my A-line printed fusion dress to a lunch date at Amwaj recently.
I love how easy this dress it. You can belt it up and throw a cardi over it or leave it as it is with a slip inside and you’re good to go. I love anything with pockets, and the fact that this flowy chiffon number comes with bell pockets makes it even better!

  • The easiest, fuss free  look to me is a loose dress in a dreamy fabric paired with denim and sneakers to give off a more relaxed look.A messy pony tail, dark sunglasses and a satchel are always plus points, as is stacked up arm-candy.
  • Super skinny jeans, an over sized (good quality) tee, infinity scarf , a top knot, pointed flats and wayfarers are also a great way to sport relaxed chic.
  • Flats over heels- in this case, obviously. 
  • Always remember, the more you dress down- the more you accessorize to look like you've put in an effort to create a look.
On another note, I have a new found love for unusual flats. I also learned that it would be better for me to start spending more on flats that I would use more often, as compared to my glamorous heels. This way I can splurge on a designer(heel) piece because, I wear them only to events of only if I feel like it.I've also learned that I feel much more relaxed when I’m running back and fourth at work in flats , now that work is busier than ever!
So yes, get ready to see a whole new range of new flat shoes that I’ll be sporting soon!

On another note,Get a load of my uber cute arm accessory BELOW. Who needs a tote when you have him?

Dress, Bag and Accessories: Monsoon, Vest: Forever 21, Slip-ons: Zara

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Seeing Spots...

I've had such a busy week and have been staring into m y laptop so closely that I've started seeing spots. I might even need glasses, but I'm still in denial of that fact.Sigh.I wonder if I could rock black frames.Hmm.I'm partially blind so if I know you and you make eye contact with me in the mall while we're a few feet away and I don't react, it's because I cant see you. Heh.

Moving on, white is, without a doubt, my favorite summer color. Sure there are brighter ones, but white is so much classier, you know what I mean? I'm going to over-do white this summer because I've done too much brights, print and black already.I love white cotton, linen, open-knit jerseys and cut out applique fabrics for the season and there are some gorgeous pieces at my favorite Mango and Hobbs.If you haven't checked out Hobbs's linen collection in stores, you must because the linen mix A-line skirts are gorgeous and to die for!
On another note, can you see my low-lights? I love how beautiful they look in the sun, especially when I run my fingers through my hair!

P.S: I was kidding about being partially blind. But I'll get there soon unless I get my eyes checked.Woes of TSCT. Sigh.

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Shoes and Jeans: Mango, Necklace:BHS, Blouse:HM, Accessories: Mango and Monsoon

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

GLOSS Salon & Spa: My Experience

 Lets face it girls, gorgeous hair is the start to being fabulous. I personally believe that if you have great hair, you can get away with anything!
Now let's back up a bit to my post on New Year's Eve 2013, where I blogged about how ridiculously hard it was to find a good salon that I felt attached to. Ever since, I've been on the lookout for a place that does great hair and guess what? Ever since I let Gloss Salon and Spa work their magic on me, I bagged lots of compliments. Not only that, I love the fact that my hair stayed as it was styled until I washed it out!!!

I walked into Gloss, conveniently located at Marriott Executive Apartments, Juffair and found myself welcomed by the staff. I had an appointment with Nabil, the hair dresser and he asked me what kind of service I wanted. Now I'm usually very particular about the look I want when I decide to get my hair done, but looking at Nabil and the confidence he exuded, I let him decide. He suggested hair color and I was thrilled because I've never had my hair professionally colored, ever. I've only experimented during school days and obviously that was a disaster!
Moving on, Nabil explained the difference between low-lights and highlights and when we had established that low lights were more suitable for me, I even let him pick the color! He started off by preparing my hair and the dye, then sectioning my hair that the color would cover. The sectioning was done so that the low lights are not very obvious and in-your-face. After about 30 minutes with lots of foil in my hair and waiting and watching Nabil style an Arab woman's hair into a gorgeous voluminous crop hairdo, May was ready to wash out the dye and prep me for, and I quote "The best hairdo of my life".If you guys follow me on Instagram, you would know how much I love to curl my hair! Anyway, Nabil styled my hair so beautifully that I felt like a superstar! My hair was glossy and stayed put until I washed it a day later.It was unlike any other loose curls I've ever sported. It even broke my heart when I had to wash my hair.
Needless to say, I ended up loving the place, my new hair and the professionalism of the staff. What I love even more is that it's pocket friendly!
So girls , the next time you've got a date, an event to attend or have had a bad day, pop in to Gloss and I guarantee you that you wont go home disappointed.

* Gloss is located on the ground floor at Marriott Executive Apartments, Juffair. They specialize in a variety of services and they even stock salon supplies.

Call: 17 826030 to book an appointment.

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To know more about Gloss and the services they have to offer, you can visit and like their facebook page HERE. You can also follow @glossbahrain on Instagram.