Saturday, January 30, 2016

Engagement Diaries

Hey guys! Firsty, so sorry for the lack o0f posts and secondly, so sorry for the dealy in posting details about my engagement. So many of you have been requesting this since December and I finally had the time to sit down and blog. As busy as my days are getting, I am trying to find the time to blog. so until I get back to the usual grind, do follow my Insta account @askthestylecouncil and Snapchat @ ashwathysk for mini posts and reviews.
Moving on, lets get straight to the details of my engagement look. I opted to go for a bright colour, and this Pink- Red ombre lehenga with mirror work and huge buttis was the perfect one. I draped the dupatta in a very unusual style, with the corner as the starting point on my shoulder that was draped around the back and brought to the front. The pleats were secured with pins and held to my waist with a delicate Gold belt.My accessories were all from Sia, except the bangles, which were handpicked from India.
My hair, ofcouse was the magic of my favourite Nabil Ghanem at Gloss Salon and my makeup was by Najla- Al- Bastaki.
If you guys have any more questions, feel free to leave me comments or mail me and I'll get back to you!

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Lehenga- Aanchal Bridals, Banagalore, Jewellery- Sia, Malabar Gold, Devji, Hair- Nabil Ghanem, Gloss Salon, Makeup-Najla Al Bastaki

Monday, December 21, 2015


My engagement is 5 days away and I have 2 nasty zits on my face! Cannot believe this is how I decided to start this post, But it has been annoying me so much and all I want to do is rant.
Moving on, for this look, I paired my super floaty peasant blouse over washed denims and threw on my cape to add a bit of statement. Burgundy  has and will always be my favorite fall color so it was but obvious that I would match mustard and the deep red. I love how beautifully my new lipstick ( L'oreal matte- Mon Jules) matches the bag and how well it contrasts against the yellow.
What has been your favorite fall color? And please give me a quick fix to make these zits disappear!

Bag and Shoes: Mango

Thursday, December 17, 2015

White Christmas

Can you believe 2015 is coming to an end? I for one cant and with my engagement just 10 days away, I'm freaking out about every single thing. Honestly, If this is the case now,  I don't know what the wedding preps will be like.
Moving on, today's look is my festive party look for the season. With almost everyone going for dramatic looks and heaps of sparkle, white will definitely stand out. what's more Christmas-y than the color white? Channel your inner snow queen and opt for a frosty white and rose gold this holiday season and pair it with a cranberry lip, and you're sure to turn heads. 
In this look, I paired a mini LWD with a crisp white coat and added champagne accents instead of brighter colours, that can come off as quirky, which is not what we're going for here.
Finishing off with a cranberry lip and a side twisted do , we're ready for champagne fizzies and some holiday cheer!

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Coat: Mango

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Little Red Riding

 Hello beautiful people! I’m finally getting around to blog shoots in between meetings with caterers and event planners and It feels great to be putting up a post after so long!
With the weather getting chilly in Bahrain, It’s the best time to layer with oversized lightweight knits and this pressed felt sleeveless coat from Quiz* is perfect . It comes in a beige shade too and I absolutely love how you can just throw them over anything!
For this look I paired the perfect black high waisted pencil skirt with a silk blouse tucked in- both by Quiz, and threw on the bright red coat to match my lips. Y’all know I love a white, red and black combination. Speaking of love, this pencil skirt is something I’ve fallen in love with. Why? Because unlike other skirts that I have from Zara, the fit of this is so perfect it stretches to fit all your curves, so you can wear it high waisted or low, and it just takes the natural shape of your curves!
If you’re a working woman and love wearing skirts to work, please make this skirt a part of your wardrobe immediately. You can thank me later.

*Quiz is located at Bahrain City Centre and Centre Mall in Bahrain.

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Blouse, Skirt and Coat- Quiz, Shoes- Dune, Bag - DKNY

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wine Notes

 Hey guys, sorry for the in-consistent blog posts, I try to be as active as I can on snap chat and instagram, so here’s hoping those weigh things out a bit. I’ve finally finalized the venue, photographer and makeup artist for my engagement in December and I can’t wait to reveal the names. But until my engagement series start, let’s talk about today’s look.
I paired my burgundy skirt with a sheer tank top and used a hair tie to create a neat knot at the front, instead of tucking in the blouse. I love how instantly casual this outfit becomes with one small step. I threw on my short pea coat and added some gold sling-backs to balance the casual-ness of the outfit, so overall; the look I was going for was casual but lady-like.
On another note, now that my hair is growing out fast, I’m running out of ideas on how to style them; this ‘half up half down ‘ do has been my “go-to” style for the past couple of weeks. It’s quick, easy and when done right, doesn’t make you look frumpy.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015


Sorry guys! This post has been long overdue and I've honestly been away for so long because I've been so busy planning my engagement. Seriously guys, 7 days a week is not enough. I feel time is going by super fast and I barely get the time to blog, which is why I try and be super active on instagram and Snapchat!
Moving on, this look was shot in Kerala, when I visited Athirapilli and Vazchal Falls. It was beautiful and inhabited by monkeys that follow you everywhere until you give them food!
On a different note,I cannot wait to start my engagement series. I would really love to share my experience planning a huge event and my recommendations and such. I should be stating the series by the first week of November so make sure you're all following me on Snapchat as well to get some BTS action. (@ashwathysk)

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