Thursday, February 26, 2015

What maketh a great Salon?

I believe that beauty starts with healthy skin and hair. Having full, thick hair and glowing skin are signs of a healthy lifestyle, and a good routine, which is why one must be very careful in picking out a salon to stay true to.
I often blow-dry and style my hair which is why I like to get hair treatments every once in a while. Not taking good care of your hair, eating the wrong foods or not eating at all can lead to thinning of hair, hair loss and eventually balding. Gloss Salon, which I have been raving about since 2014, has the best team of professionals that cater to every individual person’s need. They actually spend time to get to know you before they treat your skin or hair, which is why I love the place even more.
I recently got my hair cut and posted a picture of instagram and the response was great. While my hair was flat before, It is now full and has great body. I just went and sat in the chair and let Gloss’s senior hairstylist Nabil do his thing! That,is how much I trust his opinion. He really does know what cut works for every face shape.
Moving on, apart from hair, Gloss also provides services like Manicures. Pedicures, Paraffin wax treatments, Dermalogica facials, rejuvenating and body massages! They even stock a great range and only the very best of products like L'oreal and Davines, which made an appearance in my favorites video on Youtube.
Gloss also recently launched the Mio skincare range, great for new mommys or soon to be mommies. They even have a fitness range from Mio, that are basically creams that you apply onto your skin before workout, to keep it fit, even and bulge free!

A good salon is easy to find, but a great salon has to have a mix of friendly, professional staff, quality products, luxurious ambiance and good hospitality , all at an affordable price, and that's exactly what you'll get at Gloss.

To know more about the stylists at Gloss and who you should book your date with , click HERE.
Call 17826030 to book now and thank me later!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Premium Basics- Noora

Styling basics is probably the easiest way to looking uber cool. I love my staple pieces- I think they play a great role in everybody’s wardrobe. Be it a crisp white shirt or a pair of dark wash denims, basics have, and will never go out of style.
Investing in quality basics is key and because it’s tough to find interesting staples with the few choices you may have in malls around you, online shopping comes to the rescue.NOORA is a collection of staple pieces that offer functionality combined with style. Inspired by premium basics, NOORA provides intelligent apparel that women can mix and match all year round to create a chic wardrobe.
I am not usually a trouser woman, but when I tried on these grey flannel pants, I absolutely loved the relaxed fit and the soft pleats as well as the cropped length. It’s the kind of trousers I would wear to a relaxed weekend brunch with my crew or on casual mall trips where you want to feel comfortable, yet chic. Moving on to yet another piece by NOORA, these mirror glasses are everything. I love how easily cool they look as well as the fact that they’re Perspex rimmed. Details do matter, and that’s what you’ll get when you invest in statement pieces.
To shop these pieces and more, visit . Alternatively, you can follow on instagram.

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Drew flannel trousers, Miami perspex sunglasses- NOORA.CO

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Moonlit Path

 Capes have been my obsession since fall and I’m so glad that the trend is moving on to dresses and tops. With the sun back up in full power, at least we can still rock the style in chic capelets and chiffon versions.
This multi-way capelet was a present to me on my 25th birthday and I love how versatile it is. I throw these over anything, and they look just as good. I do like a few over-sized clothing in my wardrobe as it makes me feel so much comfortable on days when I feel bloated and moody. Over-sized blouses in particular, are great when paired with skin tight jeans and some snazzy heels. I paired my navy cape blouse/jacket (Riva) with skinny black jeans and added my favorite beaded neck piece. While I usually pair red, tan or white with navy, I opted for black as I didn't want my look to be too matchy. Baby pink, peach and grey would work beautifully too! This is a perfect example of my casual weekend look.
I personally love the relaxed look. What about you?

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Mauve Mood

Roses aren't always red. And your Valentine's day outfit needn't be either. The norm of wearing red on Feb 14th is so yester-year, which is why I dressed up like I normally would, for any other lunch date. I opted for tones of mauve today, that were all centered around a new lipstick I purchased while I was out of town last week. While a figure hugging black dress and a bright red pout is what I usually turn to for fine dining, I decided to wear this lilac- mauve rose print dress and a lurex cardigan to match my mood.Sparkling shoes and a taupe clutch to sit with the ensemble made this look easier to wear during the daytime.
I personally prefer A- line dresses for lunch dates and body con dresses for dinner, as a well-fitted dress is sexier and best suited for the night. Tulip hem , pephem and skater shapes are softer, feminine and perfect for brunch or lunch as it  adds a bit of innocence to the entire look, which is perfect for Valentine's day. Think tutu skirts and full volume circle skirts and you're set.

Oh and by the way, Happy Valentine's day to you. I love you!

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

All over the place

 Light wash denims, a breezy white top and a black blazer are my “go-to” pieces when I’m running late or errands in between meetings. In this look, I opted for a long-line blazer instead of my usual formal roll up sleeves. I love how the spiked collar adds a bit of edginess and goth feel to my otherwise summery outfit. The weather has quickly taken a turn for the worse, and whilst mornings are hot and evenings are cooler, I make do with my trusty blazer.It's the perfect fit and goes with everything, be it dresses, tops or a jumpsuit. Boyfriend/ Long line blazers are something that add a bit of twist when paired over basics.It's a great peice to buy for those days when you want to throw a cardigan on, but still look 'smart'.
In case you guys were wondering about the lip color,I’m all about red lips at the moment and Ruby Woo from MAC has been my obsession for the past few months. It’s evident from all my recent posts and instagram feed that I swap between the flat out fabulous and this gorgeous red.
Back to my outfit, I added a bit of sparkle with these glitter heels and bejeweled chain clutch that acts as perfect accessories to accompany my blazer, my favorite style staple.
What are your favorites?

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Be my Valentine?

 Jewelry has always been a fine thing to gift a woman. From a single stone ring, to dainty bracelets and diamond pendant necklaces, there’s something to suit every woman according to her style and personality.
This Valentine’s day, Devji has some stunning diamond and ruby set jewelry that is both intricate and perfect for the modern woman. Alluring red rubies and the sparkle of diamonds is a heart-winning combination. It’s a classic pairing of two beautiful gemstones, each one unique in its own ways. The “Valentine collection” by Devji since 1950, consists of a vast collection of stylish pieces in rubies, diamonds and a combination of the two. Red is the color of passion and love, and what better way to express your love, than sparkling diamonds and deep red rubies. The range comprises of pendants, rings, earrings and bangle bracelets.
Without being too over the top, these pretty pieces fit into one’s everyday wardrobe effortlessly, making it affordable, yet classy.
 Be it day or night, work or a dinner party, the valentines collection is simply chic and easy to wear. For someone who doesn’t wear chunky gold pieces, I can see these beautiful flirty pieces becoming part of my dressing cabinet.
Devji can be found at Bahrain City entre, ground floor, Seef mall, ground floor and Manama.

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