Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The most exciting trends for this season that will kick your wardrobe into its coolest era yet.

  Summer is back ladies !!! Which means back are the sexy sandals, summer dresses, bright colors and accessories. Isn't summer our favorite season !! This season designers are inspired by diverse influences, showcasing a range of styles, from vintage floral's which have been in trend for a few seasons,  free and playful silhouettes mixed with light and breezy, to contemporary classics. Colors likewise reflect these differing moods, encapsulating vivid brights, soft muted tones and fun-loving pastels. 
With a variety of fashion trends appearing in stores this season, it can be a bit overwhelming with what to buy and in which color as  this season there are so many hot trends emerging, you’ll have plenty to choose from!

Here are some of the very popular tends for the season. this season there are so many hot trends emerging, you’ll have plenty to choose from!

Nautical looks
Nautical trends are back AHOY!. This year Nautical looks are more inspired by various stripes and they’re fun to color-block, even if you just wear a classic blue-and-white striped top with cuffed white linen shorts and boat shoes, you’ll rock this trend! Use of high-waisted silhouettes, Peplums and boat necklines, flared skirts, harem pants with the use of a fresh palette dominated by shades of blue, red, yellow, orange, black, white and warm sand is going to be so hot this season. Best to be worn for picnics, holidays boats trips, not forgetting the variation of these stripes can be mixed with your hot high waist pants stripe top with a casual jacket for work !

Maxis and Midis. 

Last season, the maxi dress and maxi skirts ruled, and it’s still at the top of the hottest fashion trends for Spring-Summer 2012, This season with a bit more bolder prints and much more brighter color palette. However there is a variation, going a bit shorter up to the calf but it’s made a little room for calf-grazing skirts and dresses, otherwise known as midis. They are very flattering, look marvelous with cropped, off-the-shoulder tops and frilly peasant blouses. These can be worn for many occasions depending on the colors and the prints and of course the type of fabric changes the entire look. This look goes towards to the more romantic dressing sense yet this season with the use of fabric like chiffon, silk , plunge neck lines, slits gives the outfits a more provocative elegant look. 


Color Blocking - Another Hot, Hot, Hot fashion trend to try. 

 Bright on top, light on bottom, or vice-versa, depending on body type or just become daring, mix a few of the brightest colors you got and carry it off as long as they sit together. This trend is a lot of fun to wear, especially when you want to try something new, your could match a bright stripe t shirt and Pair it with white skinny jeans, or buy a midi or maxi that’s already blocked with color. You could match a yellow top with a bright blue skirt and red or teal light cardigan or bag... its up to you. Color blocking is soo in this season, mainly due to the display of the bright yellow and green that is very strong in this seasons color palette. Black, white and tonal greys contrast with fun brights that are mixed without thought or cohesion in order to overload the senses. Having contrast binding on seams of the outfits is another way to go about this, but however you choose to mix and match your bright colors its going to be a lot of fun and adventurous ... Break rules, mix and match and create new looks instantly. Slice between different styles, eras and themes to create an anarchic fusion. To this we could also add the Neon's if it’s shockingly bright pink, aqua, lime or yellow, then wear it with camel tones for the perfect, of-the-moment contrast.

Cinematic or should say Miss Hollywood ! 

This collection is inspired by all our biggest stars in entertainment business. For most of us, actresses, models singers have become idols. People want to look like them dress like them, this season cinema is playing a major role in the fashion industry. Seduced by TV nostalgia and summer shots of the rich and famous, this look is loud and pretentious enough for wannabe celebrities to attract the attention of the paparazzi. Shape is looser and more square, mixed with off shoulder shrugs, faded denims casual pants while fabrics are silky and printed with kitsch, vibrant patterns with a mix of pastel to bright color palette for a formal and casual look. Evening wear takes over a more vintage look with the seductive qualities of Hollywood, in her perfected glory and beauty. With Styles which are more tighter and revealing such as backless dresses, stardust split maxi, cut off dresses, unraveled bustier, split skirts, luxe palazzo pants, sparkling bodice, seams are stitched together wrongly so hemlines don’t match and shoulder straps have fallen, hinting at a surreal dark mood. Fruity Orange, sunshine yellow, Green mixed with coral reds, mid night purple, soft pink and white make this color palette absolutely unique and stunning. 

Romantic peasant Look 

There’s nothing quite as romantic and feminine as lace, and this season, it’s everywhere, from Valentino to Ralph Lauren. Pick one stellar piece, like a blouse or a frilly skirt or even short flirty dress  and make it the focal point of a retro-inspired, frothy feminine outfit! High waist will help to create an even more feminine look. Some of the laced dresses and skirts have bows , applique flowers, no its not too dressy, there is no rule that lace is only to be worn in the evening or night.  This season we have soft pastel palette mixed with floral chiffon dresses and skirts for a walk in on a summery day with flat sandals, lace up wedges. Pale pinks, to hot coral, antique gold, warm yellow, turquoise and of-course white. Opt for a tonally darker palette for the night, with a bit more seductive yet elegant silhouette. Don't feel shy, be dramatic with this look, its brilliant!! 

Powerful prints and patterns  A fashion trend for the daring fashionista's
Prints and more prints with bolder colors and bigger in size!! Prints are a very tricky business; its not easy mixing bold prints together, not every one can pull it through like Christian Lacroix can or to see D & G surprise us this season on the runway! This season however there is a mix of prints from stripes to big bold floral prints, plaids, and also the tiny Vintage looking floral roses are back in fashion. Animal prints are still in but as strong as it once was, however you might notice a lot of polka dots back in fashion, some in very small print and some exaggerated mostly in two colors, you will also find pastel shaded florals mixed with a bright color polka dot or vice versa.  Prints are so much fun to wear… but be careful as I said mixing prints are a tricky business, mix em well and have some fun ! 

White, may it be bright white, marshmallow white or antique whitea classic that will never fade for Summer 

Black has always been the color to wear in any season, but since recent white is becoming a best seller. White represents purity, peace, and in the last few seasons we have experienced many designers, forecasters going in the direction of eco friendly, cultural themes that mostly symbolize in peace and harmony. Apart from this white is also comfortable during the summer, we believe that its cooler to wear lighter shades during the summer than dark shades and what better than white ! Also white can be mixed and matched with almost everything and anything and acceptable for many occasions.  

Glamorous Evening wear - Always needed !

This season we still have the long evening wear very much in fashion. Along with the 1940s-inspired suits comes the elegant dresses with lace and other embellishments, they’re figure-flattering and lady-like. Maxi dresses are always in but this season it is airy maxis that will be top and trendy. Made of chiffon, taffeta, organza and other sheer fabrics maxi dresses come in colorful prints. D&G and Emilio Pucci offer us multi layered dresses with scarf-inspired prints while Rocco Barocco simply combines contrast colors.  Going from maxi dresses we have the Mini dresses coming in this season in different colors and designs. Most ladies will definitely want to show more of their body and what better way to achieve this than the trendy mini dresses.  Midi-length dresses are perfect for those who dislike maxi dresses but feel shy or inappropriate to wear mini dresses. Midi dresses look good on women of all ages and can be good for many occasions. Apart from the three different popular lengths we should keep in mind that asymmetric hemline is big, in dresses tops and skirt. Florals are very popular, delicate and small or large prints look feminine and very beautiful. Lace - again a classic that has been the major trend for many seasons, it only becomes more beautiful. Glitter dresses seems to have found its way back this season, many designs are offering glitter dresses in bold colors. Peplums - still is just like the lace trend. Peplums have become bigger and bolder and now come on both casual and evening dresses.

These are just a few of the most popular trends you will see in the stores in the coming months..... Stay tuned for the capsule trends that we will keep posting on and off.

Enjoy the high heel sandals and gorgeous clothes out there ladies !! Step out and breathe the summer breeze !!

lots of love from us
 X's and O's 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Be stylish, but practical.

We often come across those few women in the mall that we look at and think to ourselves, "Seriously? You're wearing that to the mall?". There have been many posts on what to wear and what not to wear, but today we're telling you what to wear and where.
To turn heads in a room ( in a positive way), you need to learn 3 points:
  •  Know the occasion,
  • Learn the occasion and finally 
  • Be the occassion.
We've seen women wear 6 inches to the mall who come in looking all pretty and tall BUT by the end of the shopping spree( for most women, the average time taken to shop is about 5 hours), theyre wobbling back to the car, and trust us, that is not a pretty sight. Its because of women like that, men ask us-"How can you walk in those?".

Know, learn and be the occasion:

Shopping mall-
This is your second home.Dont deny it. If you have come to do some serious shopping and not just window shop, you dont want to be wearing heels higher than 4 inches. They'll make you look exausted and tortured, and we want to give off a " Such great bargains" sort of glow as we leave the mall.Another thing to remember is not to wear too many layers while shopping because you dont want to take too much time undressing in the trial room! Opt for sandals, ballet flats or slip on shoes so you dont have to spend too much time when trying on shoes.

Vanessa's sandals are the ones with a zipper at the back, so that will do as well!

Well for us, at the design office, we dont have a dress code at all :) But if you are not as lucky as we are and are restricted to wearing formals, trust us, there's alot you can do with formals. And here , you can bring out all the shoes, 5 inches and higher.
Some women prefer not to wear stockings to work, but ladies, stockings is what defines the entire look. It can be the best part of your outfit.Choose from 15 denier stockings for the summer and opt for the thicker ones for winter.
Accessorise with belts, suspenders and even ties! Dont just stick to black and greys, pair a bright shirt with a high waisted skirt or even try color blocking, keeping the accessories neutral. And go crazy with peter pan collars!!
Also remember to ditch the low neck tops and barely there skirts to work.Oh, and stock up on lots of blazers- every style and every color! Think Victoria Beckham.

Never mix prints with prints unless you can pull it off !!

                                         Pair a cinch belt and a blazer for instant chic !(above)

The Beach:( If you're not planning on jumping in for a swim)
Keep your shoes and boots locked away in a cupboard up high and let them stay there ! Strictcly sandals and flip flops.
Opt for loose fitted kaftans and maxi dresses at the beach, and play with colors.And here's where you can have a lot of fun accessorising. Hats, straw bags and jewellery.Stack up as many colorful bangles as you can.

Dinner Date-
3 words-Dress to impress. Wear your best and most importantly wear your confidence. No rules what so ever here.
Earlier dinner dates meant only LBD's but that was yesteryear. You can even wear jeans and an embellished blouse and look fabulous.Try mixing and matching to create diffrent looks. Dress+leggings,  loose embellished strappy+high waisted skirt, Tight strappy with flowing chiffon maxi skirts and we can go on and on...

                                     (Above) With the right accessories, this will work too.


Most importantly, wear what you are comfortable in and be confident. If you wear confidence, you can wear rags and get away with it.

X's and O's