Sunday, March 31, 2013

Working heels into a casual outfit

Sometimes, working heels into a casual outfit might make you look out of place or too dressed up, if you don't know how to put the outfit together.

To achieve a great look for a casual day day work, Always remember:
  • Work your entire outfit based on the shoes. First pick out the pair of heels and then pick the clothing accordingly.
  • Pointed toes are always great to work. Try to work on something more sophisticated and avoid platform pumps or anything too loud.
  • Try to avoid chinos or trousers. Opt for jeans- lighter washes are best to go casual.Make sure they're a great fit and skinny is always better for work. That, or slim/tapered denim.
  • Pick a tee/sweater/blouse that is slightly loose or hangs away from the body. Always remember- the tighter the jeans, the looser the blouse .Don't do tight on tight to work- it simply isn't right.
  • Wear statement jewelry -a chunky necklace or a statement cuff. Don't overdo it by adding too many rings or heavy earrings.
  • An easy tip to make the look more relaxed is to turn up the hem of tour jeans until its ankle length!

Shoes:Zara,Jeans, camisole:Mango, Sweater:Tape a loeil, Bag & Bracelet:Monsoon, Necklace:HM, Sunglasses:Aldo

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Boots in the summer- Hot or not?


Although it really depends on how hot the weather is, boots in the summer, and especially summer in Bahrain is seriously uncomfortable. I'm saying this because I've been there. Remember my post on shopping in kidswear stores ? The day started off cool, but towards the afternoon it got very hot and I was so cranky in the boots I was wearing.
Even the sight of a woman in knee high boots in the summer makes me uncomfortable and all I can think about is the bacteria building up inside, with the leather shrinking and moisture build up. Gross, I know.

However, there are a few boots you can wear when we're transitioning in or out of winter, or whatever that chilly season is called here in Bahrain.

  •  Ankle boots, Chelsea boots, low calf and anything that doesn't go up high is fine, as long as you are wearing a good pair of anti bacterial socks.
  • Heavy suede/leather boots are a complete no-no.
  • Stay away from knee high boots or anything tall.
  • Opt for ankle boots or cute cut out booties.
  • Denim fabricated boots are okay.
  • Forget about wellies and lace up knee highs.
  • Use a cooling foot pack 2-3 hours before wearing any kind of boot during the summer.

Its always best to let your feet breathe during the hot summers so my suggestion would be to avoid fully closed shoes as much as possible.

Now if only all of us could afford these Balenciaga babies... SIGH. 

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Black, Sterling Silver and my love for Monsoon

If it isn't obvious already, I absolutely LOVE Monsoon. They have the most amazing collection every year and I don't know how they make it possible, but every season's collection is better than the previous.

I have a HUGE obsession with accessories and most people would think I spend a lot on them but I really don't.All my stuff have been collected over the years, some on full price, some on sale and I've looked after them really well which Is why people think I'm insane when they walk into my room.

On a style note, I'm head to toe in Monsoon today. Okay not toe, but you get the idea. I love this pointelle dress with open knits which makes it my favorite LBD for this weather.I paired it with sterling silver rings and an oxidized silver necklace so that it really stands out, especially when paired with my metallic kohlapuris.

Tip:If you're planning on wearing a white sundress, try pairing it with copper/bronze accessories and see how amazing it looks as opposed to white and too much color. 

Dress, Bag, All rings and bracelets: Monsoon, Sunnies:Aldo, Footwear:India

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Long is the new short.

I fell in love with this printed paisley dress as soon as I laid eyes on it at a clearance sale! It was being sold at BD 12 , which is such a great price for a brand like Monsoon. I got it at at a huge clearance sale at the Centre mall, Nwaidrat. The prices start at 500 FILS and go up to 20 BD! The sale is currently on, but I suggest you rush as finding sizes might be tough!

Anyway, I love the silhouette, the light weight jersey fabric that makes it perfect for summer and the length of the dress. Below the knee skirts are super hot at the moment and although this dress is a classic, it certainly stands out from a normal summer day's dress!

It wasn't really summer the day I wore this dress though. The weather was a perfect 21 degrees, partly cloudy and had a light breeze, which is why I decided to travel on foot. Bahrain's a tiny place. You can walk anywhere and everywhere. Oh.and I also purchased some amazing products from Kerastase, which I will talk about in the next few weeks.A certain serum has already become my favorite, but more on that later...

Dress:Monsoon, Bag:Thrifted, Shoes:Zara, Accessories:Monsoon, Aldo.    

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spoil Yourself

Every woman MUST spoil herself rotten at least once a month. Apart from the joy it brings, It is also a great therapy to bust away work related stress.
By this I don't mean just buying new shoes or spending a lot on money on stuff. Although these two things are a part of it, here's my list of to-do's to treat yourself to be more relaxed.

1. Go running. Put on tracks and trainers and go running with a girlfriend or alone on the beach. Somewhere quiet and secluded where you can escape the noise and hustle-bustle of the usual surroundings in Bahrain at the moment. After the run find a quiet spot and close your eyes and simply think strong, beautiful thoughts.

2. Splurge on good skin care and hair products. It really does make a difference. Think Kerastase, Keihls and La Mer.

3. Pamper yourself. Get a professional massage or a hot oil hair treatment  Manicure, Pedicure and the works. Spend at least 2-3 hours at a decent spa getting everything done from head to toe.

4. Get a new haircut. This can definitely make you look and feel more confident and powerful.

5.Go shopping. Get yourself those shoes you saw on the window of Dune the other day and walked by, thinking "Do I really need them?". Here's a tip- Yes you do. Buy them. 

6. Have dinner with close friends.This will automatically take care of point  point 7.

7. Laugh. And laugh a lot.


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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


 I recently visited Bab Market where there were a lot of stalls from clothing to accessories to food. I especially loved the Pachachic stall, the accessory stall right at the entrance (not sure about the name) and the Pretty little things stall where they had the most gorgeous floral crowns. 

I also finally got to taste the seriously under-hyped cookies from "The cookie jar" and it was SO GOOD. After waiting for about half an hour for the cookies to arrive (they are always sold out because of the yumminess overdose), I only got to try the red velvet cookies because the first few customers ordered about 2 dozen of the other flavor? I'm not sure...but the cookie I had was so good, it was worth the wait.

P.S : I couldn't get any photos of the cookies because well... I ate them, in a jiffy!

I'm wearing: Jacket:Hush Puppies, Tee:HM, Jeans:Zara, Bracelets and footwear:Monsoon, Necklace:HM Bag:Gifted, Sunnies:Aldo

Make sure you stop by Bab al Bahrain to check out the stalls, especially the ones I've mentioned!

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Beauty Event at Organic foods and Cafe

 I was invited by Organic Foods and Cafe in Seef Mall yesterday to attend a talk by beauty and nutrition expert, Sheila Pama Digan about skincare and beauty.

The talk covered everything from different types of skin and how products differ with different skin types.I was also introduced to a range of organic skin care products by Dr Hauschka and how they are more safer than chemical beauty products. Using all natural ingredients, Dr Hauschka's products may take longer to give results, but it is definitely a safer option to use on the skin.Every product in the range is specialized to meet the needs of the type of skin you have, be it dry, oily, combination or normal. 
The event was so informative and all of us definitely learned a few things we never knew about the effects of organic skincare products and the wonders they work.

Here are a few photographs of us ladies at the event:

 Sheila explains the products and how to use them in detail...

 There was even a video on the correct way to cleanse, tone and moisturize the face.

 Trying on some organic lipstick!

 Some great products in the goody bag I cannot wait to try!

Sara and I after the event

All the procucts are available at Organic foods and cafe in Seef Mall.
To learn more about your skin type and the products that will be suitable for you, you can visit Organic Foods and Cafe in Seef mall in the skincare department. Learn more about the products by Dr Hauschka by simply clicking here.
You can also follow Organics Foods and Cafe on Facebook by clicking HERE and follow them on twitter HERE.

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