Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Negativity and turning away from it

 Often in life, you'll come across a lot of different people who criticize and bring you down. While you may build fond memories with some- that you can actually learn from, others will always try to break you down.
They will tease you and call you names and do whatever they can to make you feel low, break your self esteem and your confidence level. While I used to, once upon a time, get affected by these comments, I've learned that not everyone is going to love you and there are some who will stop at nothing to demean you.
My advise to having such negativity in your life is to cut off all ties with such a person/s. You never need a reason to cut away from bad people. Do it so that you may lead a better life.Do it so you no longer have to feel bad or question yourself. Do it for you.
While you will still hear remarks and comments from time to time, I tell you, my friends, Ignorance is bliss, It truly is.
When you learn to not care about what others ( people who mean nothing to you) think about you, you will find peace in everything you do, Suddenly your life gets less complicated,  less dramatic and more beautiful. You will never need to question yourself again or feel the need to justify yourself. I'm in such a place at the moment and it feels great. Come join me up here, wont you?

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Tee: Sister's closet, Pants: Mango, Bag:Aldo, Shoes:FCUK, Belt:Camaieu, Necklace: Stradivarius


  1. Perfect advice you have given :) I agree, ignorance is bliss!
    Love your outfit! Those white cullotes are gorgeous!


  2. Totally agree with you!
    The last pic is fabulous.Love those shoes. Great post!

  3. I totally agree with you. And surprisingly one of the awful person that treated me bad happened to be your friend. The one and only Zinobia Mistry. I happened to see her in one of the pics. She could try auditioning for Mean girls 3..

  4. This is really fantastic! I really like the last painting!

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