Saturday, June 14, 2014

June Favourites

Its been quite a while since I updated you guys on my new fave products. So there are some things I've tried and tested over the past few weeks and the ones featured on this post have made it to my "must have" list for the month.
Let's start off with:
1. Revlon colorburst lip tints: I don't usually wear lipstick to work and now that I'm so used to staining my lips Merlot on date nights and weekends with the girls, I find that I look pale and tired without any color on, the rest of the week. I do not wish to wear garish colors to work and so I've always been on the lookout for long wear tinted lip balm, that moisturizes and tints at the same time. And after trying out many products, I finally have something to shout about! I love these chubby stick replicas that are, to me, even better than the original ones. They are absolutely amazing, give great colour and 6 hours moisture. They even taste and smell yummy, so bonus points for that! My top 3 shades are-
Balm stain in "Honey Douce" 001 which is a petal pink stain and my every day work wear.(Highly recommended).
Laquer Balm in "Ingenue", a high-shine brownish-nude, gloss like finish for when I wear heavier winged liner and want my lips looking neutral but still super shiny.
Balm stain in "Crush Beguin" 005, which I save for my work trips to the mall, and hence it has a merlot tint to it!
I highly recommend these tinted balms if you hate cracking and dry lipstick-ed lips on work days when you really don't have the time for touch ups!

2.Sally Hansen "Big Shiny" topcoat : As much as I love matte nail colors, I have to say that I love glossy nails a little more . There's something very classy and feminine about high shine PVC finish nails on a woman and especially when they reflect natural light. Which is why I love a good top coat. Something that helps my nail color last longer and leaves a lacquer like finish. Enter: Sally Hansen. It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Sally Hansen products, they always make an appearance on my product reviews. This topcoat was an impulse buy. I'm not going to lie, and I only picked it up because of the beautiful casing. But ladies, it really is super glossy and dries off in an instant, which is great for a klutz like me who cannot keep her hands steady after a manicure.

3.Rouge Edition Velvet matte lip gloss, Bourjois: This lip color has become the talk of my instagram account. I have a lot of girls asking me about the color I'm wearing and it was always this. I purchased this after a very good friend of mine recommended it to me. She purchased a pink shade and it looked amazing on her as she's quite fair. I loved the pink but it didn't suit my dusky complexion so I turned to my all time favorite - deep red. The color that everyone loves on me is "Grand Cru" 008. This lipstick is the bomb. It makes me feel like a sexy Jessica Rabbit in seconds of application and leaves a velvety-matte finish and OH  MY GOD, I LOVE IT. It is extremely hard to take off with just water and face wash though, but that doesn't bother me one bit. Nothing a good make up remover cant fix.
Note: You cannot wet your lips before application and even the upper part of your lips that tend to get moist due to saliva, has to be completely dry before you apply the product, else the color wont catch because of the consistency. Be patient with it and it will reward you greatly.

4. Victoria's Secret Sensual Blush: A great summer body mist is a must for me after I step out of the shower and now that it's summer, I love fragrances with a hint of floral scent,but not over powering. Which is why I love this pink lotus scented mist by VS.

5. Victoria's Secret Runway Ready Backstage glow: Saving the best for last, as always. This product is a god send girls, trust me. If you guys didn't know, I suffered from mild Lichen Planus when I was younger. It's a skin infection where there's a war going on between my antibodies and my skin cells, which in turn, left horrible marks all over my skin. Although it cleared up very well, I still have a few scars on my legs and wrists.  Bronzer is a must for me when I wear dresses and skirts and I've always been using Inglot's AMC bronzer which didn't completely satisfy me, as  the only color that they made, make my legs look 100 times darker than my actual skin tone. Plus, it was a tiny, palm-sized tube for 10 BD.
I chanced upon the backstage glow bronzer at an event at VS last month and although it didn't look too promising because it came in a generous container and was priced at only 11 BD, I decided to give it a try anyway. Girls, say hello to my bronzer for life! It not only makes my legs look super sexy and radiant, it smells great and gives off a summer tanned- bronze glow! In the previous outfit post of mine, I'm wearing the bronzer , so you can check it out there, or try it out yourself. Now I must warn you that this comes in only one color so it might not work for fair skinned women. But dusky women like me, try it out and let me know your thoughts because I really recommend it and think you will love it too. It's great to carry with you to the beach or simply for a sunny day out in a mini dress. It doesn't rub off that easily and although it may look red upon application, it turns bronze after it dries off and gives you sexy, sun- kissed legs in minutes! It easily washed off in the shower and is super easy "lotion-like" application and is perfect for summer and to even out the skin tone for your legs. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED), but will smear off on white/light colour garments if rubbed against.

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  1. Now I really want to try the lip gloss. Where can I get it?

  2. Where in Bahrain can I get Sally Hansen nail products?

  3. Great favourites! I love Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet, it is an amazing lip product. I also talk about it in my June Favourites:

    Xo, Alexandra