Saturday, March 30, 2013

Boots in the summer- Hot or not?


Although it really depends on how hot the weather is, boots in the summer, and especially summer in Bahrain is seriously uncomfortable. I'm saying this because I've been there. Remember my post on shopping in kidswear stores ? The day started off cool, but towards the afternoon it got very hot and I was so cranky in the boots I was wearing.
Even the sight of a woman in knee high boots in the summer makes me uncomfortable and all I can think about is the bacteria building up inside, with the leather shrinking and moisture build up. Gross, I know.

However, there are a few boots you can wear when we're transitioning in or out of winter, or whatever that chilly season is called here in Bahrain.

  •  Ankle boots, Chelsea boots, low calf and anything that doesn't go up high is fine, as long as you are wearing a good pair of anti bacterial socks.
  • Heavy suede/leather boots are a complete no-no.
  • Stay away from knee high boots or anything tall.
  • Opt for ankle boots or cute cut out booties.
  • Denim fabricated boots are okay.
  • Forget about wellies and lace up knee highs.
  • Use a cooling foot pack 2-3 hours before wearing any kind of boot during the summer.

Its always best to let your feet breathe during the hot summers so my suggestion would be to avoid fully closed shoes as much as possible.

Now if only all of us could afford these Balenciaga babies... SIGH. 

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