Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bordeaux, Grey and Black

Grey jeans can be a great semi formal staple item in your wardrobe without having to save it only as casual wear. Here's a modern take on the classic grey and black combination to spice it up a tad for a casual working day.Bordeaux/ Burgundy / Maroon is great paired with grey and black, and giving the bright color company, is my lips.
As you know, I love layering up work clothes that can be adjusted to temperatures both outdoors and indoors. In my previous outfit post, I had expressed my love to pair collared shirts with shift dresses and jumpers. A cooler way to layer up for summer is by using slub tees. Slub tees are lightweight and almost transparent, making it a very breathable summer fabric and a great layering piece. Choose from a wide variety of colors among tees and collared shits and you've whipped up some great work outfits. Think navy blue tees over baby blue shirts with a high-waisted  midi skirt or wide leg trousers and a white and yellow combo. Play it up, dress it down or up with denims and trousers and you've got your self sorted for a busy work week!
Of course, I speak for only offices that do not enforce a strict dress code.

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Shirt: Camaieu, Tee Shirt, Jeans and Shoes: Mango, Bag Spring


  1. Whats with one year and counting?
    You getting married?

  2. I love wearing pointed shoes buy they hurt me so much. Why is that?
    And yes, congratulations beautiful.

    1. Depends on your feet hun. If you have wider feet, pointed toes will be your worst enemy so try and stick to rounded toed shoes.
      Thank you !