Wednesday, November 19, 2014


 If it isn't obvious already, Oxblood / Merlot is my favorite color. I'm not your typical pink -loving girl. I prefer darker shades and 70% of my closet is rick in deep jewel tones and black.
Today I threw on my favorite swing dress over this rich plum collared shirt. Because the weather is pleasant with chilly breezes at night, I decided to wear my burgundy tights to match the shirt. If you look closely, my bag is also burgundy and no, it's not an over- kill of the color as the 3 shades of rich red are tonally different.
Try it out yourself. I love mixing different textures of black for the night while I stick to tonally different colors for the day time.
On a different note,The holidays are around the corner and like every year, we're going to be hosting a holiday giveaway soon. Watch out for the announcement on my Facebook page by simply clicking here. Don't forget to got like to get the notification on your news feed!

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Dress: Zara, Shirt:Espirit, Bag: Mango, Belt : Camaieu, Tights:Topshop, Shoes: Miss Selfridge


  1. I found the black dress rather unflattering and like two seasons ago... but the Black pumps are the bomb. Check out the color trends for this fall/winter

  2. Love ur shapely legs miss Ashwathy. Where could I get to buy full sleeve swing shape dress . I can wear to floor duty also @.@