Monday, June 30, 2014

Origami Pocketed Dress

 I always think twice before buying a dress that's not on sale because I hate repeating outfits and a single piece of clothing, like a dress can only be worn so many ways. Of course you can change your hair, accessories and make up depending on the occasion- but how long can you keep doing that? I personally love layering a dress to add some style factor into it. Anybody can wear a dress, but it's up to you to make it really stand out.

This printed green dress was a great bargain and because it was a little too deep a V- neck to be sporting in broad daylight, I decided to make it quirky by wearing a shirt underneath. I'm a sucker for pinafores and love playing with collared shirts under shift dresses and jumpers. The origami pockets make the dress modern while the print adds a hint of romance. I love the structured silhouette and the fact that I can play with this garment in many ways.

Oh, and yes, I chopped off my layered locks. Just for a change ! What do you guys think?

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Dress: Zara, Shirt and bracelets: Mango, Bag:Monsoon, Shoes: Pull and Bear


  1. You just carried off the dress so well.. loved the new makeover too, suits u :) The heat is unbearable these days, long hair has been an issue lately for me too.

    Sorry for posting the wrong question here, could you please tell me where could I find dress materials like borders, bhutta's in order to stitch an anarkali suit and also a good tailor? This would be really helpful.

    Good luck to all your upcoming features.



  2. Hi Ann, thank you so much !
    No problem, you can ask me any questions on any of my media platforms..
    I personally love the collection of Dupatta borders at Diva textiles in Gudaibiya. I haven't seen buttas anywhere around. Only in Dubai. Tailor you can either go to Anwal Al ghazal near universal food centre Gudaibiya or Pehnava near Last Chance.

    1. Thank you so much for the help :) Means a lot <3

  3. You are so right. It is no fun buying a piece that cannot be worn in more than one way. This is an issue with dresses if you don't think creatively enough to style them differently.
    Your dress is so cute! Really pretty and adding the shirt underneath was a brilliant idea!

  4. WOW, I really love that printed green dress! And you are stunning in that dress!