Monday, June 2, 2014

Shacket - (Sha:kett) : A cross between a Shirt and Jacket.

It's the peak of summer here on the island and apart from my face melting, my hair getting lighter and hemlines getting shorter, everything around me is pretty much the same. The heat is just unbearable for me and I'm cranky and moody all the time. I hate stepping out for shoots these days and the crew is being extremely patient with me and taking in any tantrum I throw their way! Have I mentioned I hate summer?

Moving on to my look here, as you all know a denim jacket is a summer staple for me. But because I've been wearing my trusty denim jacket too often, I used this white twill- denim shacket (shirt+ jacket) over a sundress because without a jacket, I feel chilly indoors and with anything thicker, it's only hours away until I'm fully cooked.
I love the idea of lightweight shackets over dresses, sleeveless vests, slub tees and shorts.It's a great way to layer up for summer to add a statement to your ensemble. A slightly longer shacket can also act as a great cover up for the beach. Two ways to wear, easy stylish looks and multi purpose! Do you own a shacket? If not, It's about time you did.

Dress: Sister's Closet, Shacket:Koton, Shoes:Mango, Accessories: Assorted, Bag:Parfois
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  1. I love your legs here. They look like they've been oiled or tanned. Is it?

  2. Hiiii,

    Please give us tips and tricks on makeup, such as how to last them long (sweat free makeup) in this unbearable Bahrain summer.