Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Travel Diaries: Dubai 1

As you all know, I was away on a one week getaway with my girlfriends in Dubai. It was the best week ever and we are all so depressed at the moment and cant stop discussing about the trip. It was me and 6 of my other best gf's whom you may recognize if you follow me on instagram. We stayed at a huge 3 BHK apartment and had an itinerary planned out all the days we were there. Now if I were to post all the pictures from the trip, that would go on and on and some pictures are strictly Adults only. Lol. ( P.S: It was a bachelorette party trip)

Moving on, I've collected a bunch of my favorite moments from the trip that are open to public and although you might not see all the girls in this post, you will be seeing them in the posts that follow!Here are some images from a dinner event at Maya's Dubai where we chatted and played charades over sangria and yummy food!And Yes, these images were taken in the restroom, which was too pretty to pass up.

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  1. All you look lovely. Please could you share your outfit details?


  2. Thanks Simi!
    Dress Forever 21, shoes pull and bear, bag dune

  3. Really like your style. Good job!

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  7. I LOVED Dubai! We went there over the Christmas and New Year period as well. We had the best time ever! Highly recommended to visit.. The pictures are amazing…