Sunday, June 29, 2014

Travel Diaries- Dubai 2

 As promised, here are some more snapshots of my time spent in Dubai with my best girlfriends. The day started with brunch at Paul's followed by a trip to the mall where one of us got lost.IWe did, of course, find our way back to each other and that story that will be told for years.
Moving on, after splitting up and exploring the sales all the stores had to offer, we had dessert at The Cheesecake factory after waiting  for about 45 minutes to get a table. It was definitely worth the wait. My favorite flavors were the Fresh Banana cream cheesecake and the White Chocolate Raspberry truffle.They were absolutely divine and I highly recommend that you try them when In Dubai Mall. Also, make sure you make a reservation in advance because they are always packed and the waiting list is endless.
On another note,you also get to meet the entire gang in  the pictures below, my best girlfriends, including the one who got lost, who made this trip, the best one of my life.

Shereen (The one who got lost) , Suaad , Sarika (The Bride-to-be), Rachna , Nisha and Sneha 

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  1. You all look lovely :) x
    If you don't mind, what do you use on your knees? Because most Indians I know have dark Knees and elbows.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you. I don't really use anything on my knees in particular .

  2. O.EM.GEE ! Your legs look phenomenal. What have you done? Spray tan? They look amazing. I'm super white and cannot get a good dewy tan. HELP.ME.

    1. Thank you ! It's Victorias Secret bronzer. You can find it on my June favourites post!