Sunday, June 8, 2014

Suit Up!

 I've come across a lot of women who are against men if they go through a silly breakup or an argument, therefore quoting "all men are pigs" and "all men are the same". Well, they're not. And you most certainly cannot judge all men on one mistake made by some guy, for whatsoever reason broke your heart or pissed you off. I've had my fair share of men who have hurt me and have treated me like dirt. But I never let their mistake impact the relationship I have with the other men (friends) in my life.
I'm surrounded by the most amazing men in my life today , and that starts with my dad. Taking inspiration from these fantastic guys( you all know who you are), I decided to wear a tie for this outfit post. While usually I would just throw on the blazer and rock a fun, printed Reem Buqais bowtie, I decided on a tie.

A tie to represent all the amazing men in my life. My dad, my brothers ( including my cousins and my brother in law) my friends, and an extra special friend. 

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Blazer:Sister's Closet (Mango), Tie:Brother- in law's closet (Burton), Shirt:Camaieu, Pants:Mango, Shoes:Zara, Bag:Thrifted


  1. oh must get rid of those pants..they look very weird :|

    1. BEAUTIFUL. Love this one. So sexy and the red lips are the ! What lipstick is it?

    2. Thank you ! It's the bourjois lip gloss velvet matt finish in 08 Grand Cru.

  2. Love the blazer..btw dont u have two brothers in law??

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  4. The shoes ♡.♡
    And I do agree the pants frm front zip line luk lil off! Otherwise *thumbsup*

  5. You look gorgeous girl. Pay no heed to losers. It all comes from jealousy. The pants are fab and fit you in the right places! love how it's inserted into the back of your heels.
    It must be a task having to deal with people who are obsessed with you, stalk you and then bitch right under your posts.

    All the love from Australia.