Thursday, June 26, 2014

What's in a Jean?

 One of my biggest fashion fears, is being caught in ill-fitted denims. However well- dressed you are , if your denims don't hug you in the right places, you can end up looking sloppy and un-organised . I'm only talking about skinny jeans here, and all my jeans or trousers need to fit me right , else I don't even bother buying them, however trendy they may be. A lot of women I know can never find a great pai of jeans dye to mass market pattern cutters. They're either:
  • Tight at the waist and loose on the ankles
  • Loose on the waist and tight on the ankle
  • Sagging bottoms
  • Fabric that stretch out in 2 washes
  • Fake skinny jeans- Jeans that disguise themselves as skinny jeans and are loose at the knee.
  • Skinny girls and the never ending search for the perfect pair.
My suggestions to get a great pair of jeans come with years of tried and tested methods. Trust me, All the denim I have now are about 5- 6 years old and they've saved me many "lazy" days.
  • Always look for the label on the piece of clothing.I only try on tags that say super skinny. Skinny isn't skinny enough for me. Do not judge the item on the mannequin- Mannequins are sturdier and are built to unrealistic proportions. If it looks great on the mannequin, It might not fit as right on you.
  • Stretch the fabric. If the fabric doesn't come back to the original shape immediately, put them back. They're not worth your time or money.
  • Waistbands on jeans that are too stretchy or loose and go all the way up that it gives you a wedgie are prone to create an illusion of sagging bottoms with frequent wear. Try it out in the changing room and make sure the waist band is a good fit.
  • Always buy denims that are a little tight. They stretch out a little in 3 or four wears and come back to shape after one wash.
  • For girls that are super slim or skinny, opt for tricot jeggings or shop from the kids section in the biggest size they have. Always stick to low rise jeans and try to find a tailor who can tuck in seams for you.
A few of my personal favourite brans to purchase well fitted denims are  Mango, Pimkie and Salsa. Mango carries a great range of denims. My favorite are the Alice and Paty fit jeans in Mid and low rise.Pimkie has a great selection of Tricot jeggings that can be mocked as trousers and worn to work. Salsa is a more expensive brand , but great for night outs and parties!

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Jeans: Mango, The Alice fit. Bag :Mango


  1. Some wonderful tips there thank you. You bag is so gorgeous and so are the shoes. But I must say the denims are really an amazing fit. So envious of your never ending legs :D

  2. Great article. I just bought jeans from Mango and loved the fit. My fav was Levis but I guess not anymore.
    Thanks n looking forward for many more fashion tips frm u :)

  3. SO clueless! For all the gyan you spout about fit, your jeans are way too tight on you. Try wearing a cigarette fit or a boyfriend pair. It will look far more flattering AND will be far more with the times (not so 1990's!).