Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Eat my Chiffon

Work wear needn't be boring and here's how. Add maxi skirts, A line floral midi skirts or culottes with a pair of crisp formal shirt and you're ready to rock a glamorous office outfit. Agreed that office outfits shouldn't be too over the top, but sometimes you just need to "dress up" on a sucky day at work.
I even love wearing statement necklaces with formal shirts and peg leg trousers with pumps. Add a black blazer with metallic buttons and you've got yourself a classy look that you can take from the office to a night out with the girls!
On another note, I'll be away on a short, one week trip with my girlfriends this month. So you guys will have to excuse my lack of posts starting June 18th for an entire week. But you can keep up with my daily outfits on my instagram account @askthestylecouncil or like my Facebook page , where I post more often.

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Shirt: Camaieu, Necklace: Origem, Shoes: Mango, Skirt: New Look, Clutch:Debenhams


  1. What would you recommend to wear with a midi length red velvet skirt? Pls

    thank you

  2. Black lace top elbow length sleeves for the night or an ivory blouse for the daytime!