Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The much awaited...

So as promised back in February, Here are a few images from my sister's wedding! The entire theme was ivory, gold and purple all based around the bride's favorite color.
The event was beautifully planned and taken care of by the amazing wedding planners at APSHAR. From location, to the food , from intricate floral decor pieces to the cake, all were arranged by the planners after my sister had given them an idea of what her dream wedding was to look like. Needless to say, everything ended up spectacular on the big day and exactly what my sister wanted!
Moving on, let's forward back to my DIY Bridal Veil post from February. Below is an image of how the veil looked on the bride. Double layer, floor length tulle in Ivory and french lace trimmings! Easily an heirloom piece, me thinks!

I have wedding fever at the moment .Sigh.

Bridal Gown: Rosa Clara, Veil: Handmade. Hair and Makeup: Lavish 


  1. Lovely wedding! Aren't there any pictures of you and the beautiful bride? Tbh, the post is a disappointment in some ways!

  2. These are just teaser images. I'll do a more detailed post after the entire album is out.

  3. It's her sister's wedding. She might have wanted it to be personal. At least she put up a few pictures. Not like it's her own wedding, correct? Splendid sets and pics Ashwathy

  4. Where to get good quality silk, tulle and satin from? Preferably not too expensive. Also, a good tailor? Please reply soon. Thanks.

    1. Al Sidiq textiles in muharraq is my favourite. They have everything! I go to the same tailor in Gudaibiya for everything. He specialises in dresses and gowns. its located right near universal food centre called Anwal al Ghazal.

    2. Thank you very much. Will check it all out. You are very helpful and kind. Thanks.

  5. She made such a stunning bride. Lovely pictures.

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