Sunday, April 20, 2014

One fabulous Jmode Scarf- 3 ways to wear it !

Scarves are probably the best accessory a woman can have and spoiling us with choice is Jmode's range of printed silk pieces.
I've been using and abusing my Jmode scarf all week long and I thought I'd share a few ways I've sported it.
1. The knotted Headband - Being so light and the perfect length,it's easy to knot the scarf and wear it as a head band. The beautiful and unique pattern makes the fabric stand out and look quirky and fun !
2. The Handbag's best friend - Tying the scarf to a handbag is another easy way to take any plain outfit from drab to fab! Instantly makes you look classier. Make sure the handbag is structured  and make sure the scarf is by Jmode for bonus points of glamour.
3. The Traditional - Around the neck, as it was meant to be. Then again there are numerous ways to wear one around your neck.

The reason I love this scarf is because it's lightweight and perfect for summer, the prints they come in are gorgeous and have amazing, eye-catching colours! Check out Jmode on Facebook and their website and place your order today.
P.S: They more than just scarves. Keep your eyes peeled for my next post, in yet another gorgeous accessory from Jmode!

Jmode is founded and created by Blogger/ Designer Jannat Miranda, based in Dubai. You can follow @jmode on instagram for more details!

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  1. In love with this style ! Love the headband idea.


  2. Love the top & short skirt..where's it from?

    Ashwathy need a small help, could you please suggest me a good tailor in Bahrain or best probably give his no.. :)

    Thanks in advance girl

    1. Top is zara and the skirt is Tammy! I go to one guy and have been going to him forever. Anwal al Ghazal near universal food centre.

  3. You look fab! The outfit is amazing!! The bag looks classy! I'm currently on the lookout for a nice handbag to gift someone close....would be of great help if you could suggest some places to check. Thanks a lot.

    1. Thank you! My fav places for handbags are Mango- try Mango touch in seef as they carry more options. Monsoon accessorize have great coloured bags and party clutches. Parfois also have some great handbags and wallets! Check these places out.
      Hope it helps.

  4. I am not a tulle kind of girl. Follow the size chart exactly. I was at an overseas address and shipping to me only took 10 days so I assume shipping in US would come super-fast!

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