Monday, April 28, 2014

Seeing Spots

If you are all familiar with my shopping behavior, you know I love a good deal (what woman doesn't? ) and I wont shy away from looking in the teen section, which is where I found this cute apron- dress. That's what I call it because I don't know that it's actually called. If any of you do, please do let me know so I can stop making a fool of myself describing it the next time.
Anyway, I think this is the 3rd spotted item I own in my closet, because spotted clothing don't usually appeal to me. But this dress was a steal at 4 BD and I just had to get it because of the fun style and the fact that it would work perfectly with my reverse printed clutch! Spotted pieces are actually perfect to style as a color- blocked look, by pairing a polka dot tee with a bright yellow skirt or a spotted trouser with a red tee. Spots are actually easy to work with and require very less thought to pull off a fantastic look! To go a bit bolder, mix spots, stripes and a bright color!
I personally only work with polka dots for a day time look as I think they're more playful while evenings call for a more classier look.

On a different note, I hate summer. Have I mentioned that already?

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Shirt: Camaieu,  Dress: Tammy, BHS, Bowtie: Reem Buqais, Rings: Monsoon Accessorize, Clutch: Pull and Bear

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  1. Whoa. My kinda thing. Love it.