Saturday, April 26, 2014

Candy Floss + Crop Top lovin'

I've been experimenting with crop tops for months now, and I've gotta say I love them. Wear them to expose a tiny waist or use it as a layering piece, this trend is definitely staying me thinks.
I love baring my tummy while I pair them with skirts and layer it up with jeans . I decide to go all pastel and paired this baby pink crop top with pastel green pants and added in a pop of yellow. I initially went for white, but decide yellow was stronger as a color combo.
Moving on it's getting so hot to take outfit posts in the sun! I hate summer. I'm a winter baby. The only thing good currently is the sale everywhere.
I 'm blank today and have nothing much to rant about so guess I'l just leave it at that. xxoo

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Croptop: Tammy, BHS, Jeans: Mango, Shoes: Spring

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