Sunday, February 23, 2014

DIY: Easy Bridal Veil

 Bride on a budget? No problem! Bridal accessories can be quite expensive and what better way to cut down on costs by creating one yourself? I made my sister's bridal veil and it's no surprise that she looked stunning!
These 5 easy steps teach you how to make a bridal veil for yourself or a loved one!

 You will need:

  • 2 1/2 meters of  FINE ivory tulle. (depending on the length of the veil to suit the bride and depending on the color of the bridal gown).
  • A tiara / crown comb. I've used a comb.
  • Lace ribbon- color to match the tulle.
  • Needle, thread and scissors.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Iron on crystals and a be-dazzler (Optional)

 Start by cutting the edges of the fabric you are using into curved ends. Do this neatly and evenly. Then fold in half meter of the fabric or the desired length that will cover the bride's face.

With the fold neat and even, Use a strong white thread and run a stitch to secure the fold in place.Make sure that the loose end of the thread is knotted big so it doesn't escape through the tiny holes in the net. Pick up both layers to secure and after reaching the end, pull the fabric and gather the net and knot the gathers . The body of the veil is now ready.

TIP( TSCT Recommends): If you want some of the fabric to cover the sides of the face, instead of starting the running stitch from the ends, start only midway so that the gathers are only in the center of the fabric like so: 

You may choose to sew on the tiara to the gathers now, or you may leave it till the end. This is up to you as some find it easier to sew on the fabric to the tiara in the end.
I have already attached the gathers to the comb by hand sewing the veil in place.

The last step is to machine stitch the lace ribbon to the ends of the tulle so that the raw selvages are covered and stay hidden. I've machine stitched it because the veil I created for my sister was very long. If you want to have a shorter veil and don't know how to use the machine, you may hand sew the lace neatly.

Optional: If the tiara you have picked is very light and you want some added glam factor, you can use iron on stones and stick these on the veil, away from each other so that the stones sparkle in the light.
Make sure the tulle can withstand the heat and pressure of iron on stones before fixing them on.

P.S: Once the professional pictures of the wedding are out, I'll post one so you guys can see the veil on the bride!

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  1. Nice dress, I actually ordered a dress from a famous designer’s bridal collection as well for double the price and returned it immediately because the material felt so cheap compared to the my other one.