Tuesday, April 1, 2014

GLOSS Salon & Spa: My Experience

 Lets face it girls, gorgeous hair is the start to being fabulous. I personally believe that if you have great hair, you can get away with anything!
Now let's back up a bit to my post on New Year's Eve 2013, where I blogged about how ridiculously hard it was to find a good salon that I felt attached to. Ever since, I've been on the lookout for a place that does great hair and guess what? Ever since I let Gloss Salon and Spa work their magic on me, I bagged lots of compliments. Not only that, I love the fact that my hair stayed as it was styled until I washed it out!!!

I walked into Gloss, conveniently located at Marriott Executive Apartments, Juffair and found myself welcomed by the staff. I had an appointment with Nabil, the hair dresser and he asked me what kind of service I wanted. Now I'm usually very particular about the look I want when I decide to get my hair done, but looking at Nabil and the confidence he exuded, I let him decide. He suggested hair color and I was thrilled because I've never had my hair professionally colored, ever. I've only experimented during school days and obviously that was a disaster!
Moving on, Nabil explained the difference between low-lights and highlights and when we had established that low lights were more suitable for me, I even let him pick the color! He started off by preparing my hair and the dye, then sectioning my hair that the color would cover. The sectioning was done so that the low lights are not very obvious and in-your-face. After about 30 minutes with lots of foil in my hair and waiting and watching Nabil style an Arab woman's hair into a gorgeous voluminous crop hairdo, May was ready to wash out the dye and prep me for, and I quote "The best hairdo of my life".If you guys follow me on Instagram, you would know how much I love to curl my hair! Anyway, Nabil styled my hair so beautifully that I felt like a superstar! My hair was glossy and stayed put until I washed it a day later.It was unlike any other loose curls I've ever sported. It even broke my heart when I had to wash my hair.
Needless to say, I ended up loving the place, my new hair and the professionalism of the staff. What I love even more is that it's pocket friendly!
So girls , the next time you've got a date, an event to attend or have had a bad day, pop in to Gloss and I guarantee you that you wont go home disappointed.

* Gloss is located on the ground floor at Marriott Executive Apartments, Juffair. They specialize in a variety of services and they even stock salon supplies.

Call: 17 826030 to book an appointment.

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To know more about Gloss and the services they have to offer, you can visit and like their facebook page HERE. You can also follow @glossbahrain on Instagram.


  1. Pocket friendly? That looks like a brilliantly expensive place. How much did you pay for that?

  2. Colour starts at 20 bd, Depending on your hair length. It's not that expensive.

  3. Whts the haircolor?

    1. I'm not sure hun, I just let nabil pick a colour .

  4. Going to get a haircut there today, hope it turns out to be good!

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