Thursday, April 3, 2014

Seeing Spots...

I've had such a busy week and have been staring into m y laptop so closely that I've started seeing spots. I might even need glasses, but I'm still in denial of that fact.Sigh.I wonder if I could rock black frames.Hmm.I'm partially blind so if I know you and you make eye contact with me in the mall while we're a few feet away and I don't react, it's because I cant see you. Heh.

Moving on, white is, without a doubt, my favorite summer color. Sure there are brighter ones, but white is so much classier, you know what I mean? I'm going to over-do white this summer because I've done too much brights, print and black already.I love white cotton, linen, open-knit jerseys and cut out applique fabrics for the season and there are some gorgeous pieces at my favorite Mango and Hobbs.If you haven't checked out Hobbs's linen collection in stores, you must because the linen mix A-line skirts are gorgeous and to die for!
On another note, can you see my low-lights? I love how beautiful they look in the sun, especially when I run my fingers through my hair!

P.S: I was kidding about being partially blind. But I'll get there soon unless I get my eyes checked.Woes of TSCT. Sigh.

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Shoes and Jeans: Mango, Necklace:BHS, Blouse:HM, Accessories: Mango and Monsoon

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