Sunday, March 30, 2014

Move over, trousers.

I 've never till date, worn a suit. Thats right, Not even a skirt suit for that matter! Its not because I dont like it, but I've never really had to wear one. Which is probably why I love wearing blazers with jeans.If youve read my older posts, you guys would know that I hate trousers. I only have ONE pair of trousers in my closet and I dont think I'll find another one as good as that.
Anyway, I love the idea of a smart blazer over a casual tee and skinny jeans. Not only is is chic, It's also very comfortable and practical for my working environment. Coloured jeans work too, but sometimes, it can come off as tacky, if you cant carry off the look well. So to start off, I suggest you work with a black blazer, some light wash skinny jenas and a linen mix tee. Once you've mastered the art of breezing into a room with your no- nonsense look, explore the different lengths of blazers you can work with and even colours!
Yellow- black and white, Navy- coral and white, Purple- powder pink and grey, etc etc. Just remember to not go over board with colour as it might look ridiculous to work.Unless you're Katy Perry, who can make everything work.

TSCT tip: Try rolling up or rolling in your skinny jeans when wearing pointed toe pumps. It's very Victoria Beckham-ish.

Tee: Camaieu, Bag and Blazer: Mango, Jeans:Hobbs, Shoes:Dune


  1. oooffff ! luking damn good here.


  2. Hi Ashwathy, Looking lovely as ever. Just love your selection of clothes. Huge Fan here! Could you even put the price too if that isn't too much. Lots of Love... God Bless.. :)