Friday, August 17, 2012


               Dress top: Zara and leggings:Zara, Bag and footwear:Monsoon, Necklace:Camaieu, Hand Accessories:Monsoon, Mango, Delhi                                                         
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I wore this ensemble 2 weeks back, on a Friday and completely forgot to blog about this look!
I’m wearing a linen dress top, which is so comfortable and fuss free, I feel like I’m in my jammies at home. It also has a really deep,tie up back and for some weird reason, I totally forgot to get a shot of it.
Also, I don’t always wear heels. I like to give my feet a break from time to time and wear cute flats instead and these sparkly ones from Monsoon are my favorite. I have a huge collection of footwear and they’re not all heels.

I'm off now, decorating my hands with henna and all for Eid.
Happy Friday guys!



  1. Did not see this one. Very relaxed indeed.Love the look, love the you and love the shoes.