Saturday, August 25, 2012

Brownie points for the headband

Crochet top: New Look, Boots & vest: F21, Jeans:Pimkie, Bag:Parfois, Belt worn as head band:F21
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No hairband to match your outfit? NO PROBLEM. A belt will solve your problems. I suggest using a skinny waisted belt, since they're shorter than your regular hip belts.*The best belts to use are under-bust belts.

I wanted to wear a head band to hold up all my baby hair and those annoying fly-away hairs and I didn't want to wear a black band with this ensemble. I used a belt that came with one of my dresses from F21 and I love how it looks, with the buckle angled on one side. Tres cute, non?

On another note, a very dear friend gifted me this super cute jute bag from Parfois and I'm loving it. I've been carrying it 3 days in a row now. How beautifully does it sit with my tan boots and headband? 

Try it out yourself and feel free to post looks on my FB page.



  1. Wow! This is a great mix of beauty and brilliance! Well Taash, could you tell me how someone can carry the same hairstyle if they have a problem of ugly baby hair crowding their temples?

    Aru x

    1. I always loved your hair Aru!!! :) Well, a hair dresser at the salon once told my friend to take all the small baby hai at the side of the face, pull it back really tight and pin it when at home everyday. This will eventually fore the hairs to grow backwards, and away from the face! :)

  2. omg so cute i love this idea...anyway belts dont fit around my waist i might as well start putting them on my head. thanks taash. lol

  3. nyyyyyycccc...!lookin slimmmmmm in d red jeans too!love the styling n innovation