Monday, August 27, 2012

Fortune cookie bag and jewel tones

Dress:Topshop, Skirt:Koton, Shoes:Nine West, Bag:Gifted, Bracelets:Monsoon, Camaieu, India

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I picked out this hot merlot dress from Topshop last year for the Grazia "Fall for Fashion" party and me being me, I haven't worn it more than... oh! actually I did wear it once after that.

Anyway, Since I've been doing the dress as top thing lately, I decided to put this to use as well. How well does the merlot go with this deep green skirt? 
If you look closely, You'll see the colored layers of my dress through the skirt, and I think that adds a little something extra.

I actually re-worked the dress by adding embellished motifs on the shoulders to add some edge to the dress.Its a great way to have a unique dress and that way even if you walk into another person wearing the same dress, you wont completely want to run away and hide in the restroom. :D

On another note, how cute is this bag? A dear friend gifted it to me from her trip to India. I love that the handles are bangles and also that it looks like a giant fortune cookie!


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