Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Quick Fix!

There are days when plans suddenly come up and you're in such a hurry, the brain cant function that well and your sense of style just completely shuts out on you.

Here are my quick fixes for days when you're rushing out and cant decide on what to wear:
1. Invest in a good pair of ponte leggings. These are thicker than normal leggings. Trust me, they will be your forever after and you'll only realize that these babies are a must have in your wardrobe.
2. Don't think too much about mixing and matching. Being safe is ok, A white shirt, an over-sized tee or a casual blouse that is sure to match the legging is fine.
3.Add a trusty blazer or jacket if you want. This shows that you've put some effort in dressing up.
4.Pick a handbag and flats in the same colour.Its the easiest way for any outfit to simply "stand out".
5. In the day time, dont forget to grab your oversized sunnies.
6. And lastly, like I ALWAYS say, never forget to pile on some accessories!

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  1. Cute. Where could I purchase this vest ?


  2. Hi Ashwathy. I have a major problem with fixing my hair and maintaining it everyday. I need serious help. I purchased TBS Strawberry Dry Seed Oil recently and used it thrice already. I made a mistake of putting a little oil on my roots too. My hair is really dry. It has improved over the years of course. But it is still dry. I'm using a Pantene shampoo and I use this sort of hair therapy thing for dry hair as a rinse-off conditioner. It has helped just a teeny bit but I'm still not happy. I'm afraid to keep changing shampoos as I know it is unhealthy for the hair. I don't know what to do. Please help.

    1. Hey ! Have you tried tresemme? It always made my hair slightly oily and I think it will suit you well.use the conditioner as well. Also try almond oil as it really helps soften the hair. Massage into tye hair and let it sit for a few hours and shampoo.
      changing shampoos within 4 to 6 months is ok btw. In fact its recommended . ;)

      Hope this helps!

  3. Oh wow. Dint know about the changing shampoos part. But won't that lead to hair fall? Sometimes I want to cry when I see my hair fall. I will definitely try tresemme then. I use coconut oil every time before I wash my hair. Need to change that. I also have lot of baby hair. I remember my 9th grade classmate suggesting to trim at the ends so it grows but that takes so much time. Is there any other solution for that?