Sunday, August 26, 2012

FMH Boutique : Fashion Must Have

FMH boutique has finally opened their first store in Bahrain at Nakheel Centre, Saar. I was welcomed into the store by a very cheerful Nadia, who showed me around the boutique and spoke very passionately about the exclusive designer labels  that they carry.

I love the entire concept of the store and I love that their merchandise is so unique and edgy, yet wearable. They have a fantabulous collection of shoes and I absolutely love the structured ankle boots by FINSK.

They also carry a beautiful collection of accessories. If you’re an accessory junkie like me, you’ll love the dainty,delicate jewelry by Mercedes Salazar and the fierce pieces by Bjorg. I also love the embellished collars by Gemma Lister.

I highly recommend the boutique if you want completely unique, trendy pieces whilst engaging in friendly conversation with the store staff.
Visit FMH boutique (that stands for Fashion Must Have BTW), and grab your favorite item while stocks last.

 Loving the hangers!

 Sequinned collars? Yes,please!

 Gorgeous jewelry by Mercedes Salazar

The amazingly sweet and cheerful Nadia and Myself
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You can visit the store at Nakheel Centre, Saar. Browse through their website HERE and hit the like button on their Facebook page HERE



  1. u look soooo pretty in d last pic

  2. The place looks really nice. I might just head on there this weekend and pick me some of the collars.