Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Being Indian

Kurta:Delhi, Footwear:Bombay, Earrings:Antique, Bangles:Punjab, Leggings:Zara
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A friend at work and I decided to celebrate Independence day by wearing Indian outfits, having samosas and chai in the pantry and being dramatic all day.

I wore this green-gold and maroon combi kurta with comfy leggings, which I admit isn’t really ethnic.
 Anyway, I love my ethnic wear and I desperately wait for occasions like these to pull out my heavy earrings, heavily embellished salwar suits and saris. So, if you’re having a party, gathering or wedding- desi style, don’t forget to invite me.

PS: Almost everything I'm wearing is from a different part of India. Didn't really think of that until now!
PPS: I love these antique earrings gifted to me by my dear friend Sarika on my 19th Birthday.I'm 22 now. Do the math.

Oh, and Happy Independence Day.


  1. love it. u look really good in indian

  2. Pretty, prettyy ...
    Rose. :)

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