Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Maki launches "The Makeup Maki" by Beauty guru Mai Al Moayed

The  Make-up Maki is the latest addition to Maki’s extensive menu. Maki approached Mai  AlmoayedBahrain’s very own make-­‐up guru who is also a make-­up artist. She founded The  Make-­up Manual and  hosts professional classes to educate women about  make-­up and skincare. Maki approached Mai to design her own maki.    
The Make-­up Maki is an explosion of flavors for one’s taste  buds, with ingredients that create a  harmony of decadent  taste. The  Make-­up Maki incorporates tempura prawn, avocado, rice pearl, wasabi flakes, drizzled extra virgin olive oil, topped  with chopped tempura, cherry tomato, cucumber, carrots, thakwan, spring onion, and  lastly,  a drizzle of mango and strawberry sauce. 
I personally loved the sushi as it wasn't too overpowering with the taste of raw fish and was just the way I like my sushi!
The concept of the maki is to portray the beauty of make-­up and colorful palettes,  with  a surprising twist of flavorful ingredients. In addition, the vibrant maki reflects Almoayed’s  lively and fun personality, which is essential in namesake dishes. The  Make-­up  Maki officially launched on Thursday, November 21.    

Visit Maki at World Trade Center to try The Make-­up Maki – which is not only visually beautiful, but will excite your taste buds!

With Mai al Moayed, Ali and Mohammed

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