Friday, August 10, 2012

Get your Geek on!

Blouse: New Look, Jeans and shoes:Zara, Belt:Alcott, Bag:Sequoia, Glasses:Alcott, Hand Accessories:Mango&Monsoon 
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I've worn these glasses only once last year to work and it mysteriously went missing after that. I found it hibernating in the dashboard of my sister's car yesterday, covered in dust and all.

It was only fair I wore it again, and so I did-with big wavy hair, bold shoes and a cute printed collar blouse, which I love BTW. I love the oriental print and I love how the placket and collar are black and create a beautiful contrast. I'm planning on wearing this with a colored skater skirt again.So until I find the exact color I'm looking for (which will probably take what seems like eternity to me), I'm going to stick to neutral colored trousers and jeans.

Have a wonderful weekend guys.


  1. great that you take pictures in different places now! so classic outfit, love it!

  2. very wanna be !!
    love the shoes and the style,may be you guys should change the model.too-boring-a-face.

    1. Hi Anon,
      Firstly, thank you for the compliments and secondly sorry if you find the face too boring. We will be working on other posts that involve different people.
      Until then, enjoy the other posts.
      Thanks for commenting.

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  4. she is the model designer n stylist and shez amazin at it!!she does a fabulous job of puttin up new and different styles which is not easy