Monday, August 13, 2012


Blazer:Pull&Bear, Tee:Zara, Jeans:Pimkie, Pumps:Miss Selfridge, Bag:Borrowed from sister, Bracelets and necklace:Camaieu

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Last year, everybody complained I never wore colors. And they were right. I would always wear black, white, Navy and grey. 
Now they complain I wear too many colors. Sigh.
I love my monochromatic color scheme. I think it brings out sophistication and class as compared to wearing loud colors, not that I don't love wearing in-your-face colors.I've been wearing too much color lately which is why I decided to wear this dark outfit. My latest buy was this gorgeous blazer by Pull and Bear. I love how it can be dressed up and down, depending on the occasion.
Oh, and can I just add how I LOVE these jeans from Pimkie. I was very hesitant at first because I hate how all jeans stretch out at the knee when I sit for a long time and stand up. But these don't. And I'm so grateful to the pushy salesgirl at Pimkie!
I got them in blood red, grey and teal! :)

What have you guys been up to?



  1. Wow. Fantabulous blazer and pumps.

  2. :O Beautiful. I Love. :) Anyone else won't pull this off like you did. :)