Monday, August 6, 2012

Hair Bow picture tutorial

What you will need:

Medium-long length hair obviously.
A hair brush
A hair band-Preferably black, I used a neon.
Black bobby pins- No matter how many of these I buy, they always mysteriously disappear so I've worked with what I have.
Hair Spray- Strong hold. I recommend Elnett by L'Oreal.
Hair serum/wax.

Before we begin, Apply some hair serum all over your hair. Don't worry if it looks slightly oily -We're going for a sleek look here. Also, If you have wavy or curly hair, You will want to straighten it out .

Lets begin...

1) Brush out all knots and tie up all your hair into a high ponytail.

 2) As you are about to complete tying with the last stretch of the hairband, section the ponytail in half and tie the last stretch only on one half of the pony so you have something that looks like the picture below:

3) This is how it should look like.You want both sections to be even.

4) Now, working with one section, fold the hair to the inside and secure it a little after where the band is, with bobby pins. 

 5) Repeat the same procedure with the other section of the ponytail and fold inward.

6) You will  have the ends of both sections of the hair sticking out from either side. What you want to do is- bring both ends underneath the two sides of the hair bow. You will now have the hair ends sticking downwards at the back of your head, underneath the bow.

 7) Now, take up all the loose ends and bring them forward, right in the front of the bow, on the top of your head and secure it in place with bobby pins.

8) Tame all fly always and small hair that's sticking out with hair wax/serum.

 9) Lastly, hold it all in place with a good hair spray.

10) You now have a super cute up-do! Put on an oversized tee, printed leggings, cute flats and show off your new do!!

Hope you found this helpful!!

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  1. Yes :). I used to do it a much more complicated way until a friend showed me this easier version! :)