Sunday, January 19, 2014

Photo Diary: My Sister's Bridal Shower

 With the help of my favorite people in the world and Passion Restaurant and Lounge, Adliya, I was able to organize a beautiful and memorable shower for the bride-to-be, a.k.a my sister.
While deciding on a location that has a beautiful ambiance, Excellent food and great service, Passion won hand's down! If you guys haven't been there yet, you really should.( Read my previous post about the place HERE. )
I love the fact that they have ample space for any occasion, be it a dinner date with a loved one, a birthday dinner with your friends or even a rooftop post- graduation party with family and good friends. Chef Nadeem even cooked us some delicious finger food to add to the excitement of the Bridal Shower. Mini burgers (for both my veg and non-veg friends), veg spring rolls with a Thai twist, open faced canapes, chicken samosas and colorful drinks like, mango, pink lemonade and lime juice were all vanishing quickly from the table and yet we still didn't run out of food. Being extremely picky with my food I don't simply endorse any place or brand or restaurant. If I love it, I rave about it! It's as simple as that!

On another note, have a looksie at the paper flower decor and the paper oven boxes! Can you tell they're handmade? Yep. By my incredibly talented BFF / part-time photographer and love, Suaad Mohd.

To conclude, the pictures show what a great day it was and here's wishing my sister all the best for her big day, which BTW is approaching super fast, hence the lack of posts! Forgive me? Pretty please? :)

P.S: Chef Nadeem from Passion has some really great recipes on Youtube. To try out some of his masterpieces at home you can click HERE for some tutorials. If you're a bad cook, well, head over to Passion now!

Thanks to @BALLOONCREATIONZ for the bridal shower balloons, Rachna for the delicious handmade cupcakes,Suaad Mohd for the hand made decor,Passion Restaurant Adliya and every one who came to make it such a great event!

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time and the food looks yummy. You both look radiant :)

  2. Everythin looks sooo beautiful ♡.♡
    Do wish nisha all the happiness frm me

    P.s love you posts!

  3. You and your sister look radiant.. :)
    Which is the foundation you use?

  4. Thank you :) I use makeup forever Hd and chanel perfection lumiere as a darker contour :)

  5. What camera do you use? And what do you edit with?

    1. I use a canon 1100 but I change the lens as required. I use Picasa to increase or decrease light if needed. :)

  6. Hi ashwathy, lovely post on the bridal shower. Nisha is really blessed to have u as her sister. I'm sure she must have felt really happy. I wud love to know the details of the dresses that you and your friends have worn for the shower if u don't mind... keep posting and best wishes to ur sister.

    1. Thanks Sheetal ! :) I only know what a few of us wore, the rest are friends of my sister. I wore a dress by f21, my sister is wearing a dress from a boutique in seef and sarika in the nude and blue lace is wearing bahrainfashionhouse. :)

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