Monday, November 18, 2013

Rainy day!

 The weather has been incredible off late and I’ve been spending the long holidays at my favorite rooftop restaurants in Bahrain. (Follow me on instagram @askthestylecouncil to know what I’m talking about).

It was drizzling the other day so it was only fitting that I carry an umbrella for the outfit post! Here’s where I wish I had a cool umbrella with bunny or kitty ears. Yes, I saw a little girl carry one around and I wanted it! Don’t forget that rain doesn't have to be your enemy. As much as you enjoy the rain sitting indoors, sipping on warm tea, you can even enjoy it outside in the right attire. By this I mean light rain! Always wear an open cardigan as opposed to closed chunky knitwear if it’s a little chilly outside. The discomfort caused by the dampness of wool is much less when it’s an open sweater. Try sticking to flats and something that has a good grip. Heels are a complete NO-NO. So is suede and cloth-covered footwear. Then again, we all know that. Although I have my hair down in this post, I think it’s better to be tied up or loosely pleated so the dampness doesn't get into your hair and make it BIG and messy.

On another note, I hear there’s a storm hitting Bahrain.Is that true? I have mixed sources so was just wondering! Oh well, if it does, I hope it doesn't get too bad. Stay safe my darlings!

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Top: Mango, Cardi: Max, Leggings:Zara, Shoes:Kenneth Cole, Belt:HM, Bag and Necklace:Monsoon Accessorize