Monday, November 11, 2013

What to wear - First Date

Did that cute guy you've been  eyeing ask you out on a lunch date? Confused about what to wear?

It's best to always find out where he's taking you before you decide on your outfit, but sometimes, he might want to keep it a surprise and you don't want to kill the excitement by pestering him to tell you where you're eating at. So first things first- If it's a dinner date, you can spice it up a notch by going heavy on the eyes and a simple dress that fits well, but that's not too clingly. That way, the make up and the dress are balanced and in sync. A dress in a solid color is safer than busy prints.
If it's a lunch date, you could wear jeans and a dressy top with heels but you could also opt for a cute skirt and a chic jacket over a blouse combo.
Remember to wow him every time you go out and always show skin in moderation.If you're going to show some leg, wear your hair up in a chic do and let the legs be the wow factor. The next time you go out , wear a pair of snug jeans a chiffon black strappy blouse and have big wavy, loose hair and let your hairdo wow him. Similarly- learn to wow him every time you go out and make sure you don't overdo it on the first date.

If you're very confused, invest in some Little Black Dresses. You're never too overdressed or underdressed in an LBD!

If you're still confused and worried about how you might look, ask him to give you a clue or at least get him to tell you the dress code of the venue. If he gives in after all you're pestering he might be worth seeing but if he starts getting annoyed , see him once and that's it. We are women. Our annoying levels go way up after a certain time frame.* LOL.

* Does not apply to all women.

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Blouse, Bag and cuff :Mango, Skirt:Forever 21, Jacket:New Look, Shoes:Zara, Ring:Monsoon, Neclace:Mom-made


  1. Adore this look ASK! Totally rocking that high bun.


  2. Achu - great tips for when i come back in my next life as a woman! :O)

    1. Thank you, I wish you would have left your name ;)

  3. well that's look great outfit...But i would expect my girl in tight bottoms she will be comfortable in that in the roller that's really cute outfit.....Ashwathy can you please read my blog...i would be thankful...m new to this

  4. Hey, love the outfit. Is the new look jacket from this season?

    1. Thank you ;) unfortunately its last season.