Saturday, November 16, 2013

Malibu Barbie

We're soaking up the last bit of summer now, and I'm putting all my summer dresses to use before I push them back into my closet for a 4 month hibernation period. As much as I'm going to miss sundresses, I'm waiting to wear trench coats and knee high boots.I wore this tropical printed dress to brunch with the bride to be, a.k.a my sister/photographer. We went to Tilly's and we loved it!They have great food, excellent ambiance and some seriously yummy and may I add, healthy drinks! I'll be doing a review on that soon so stay tuned.

The weather has been great off late but I cant tell whether I love it or not.It gets chilly at night and although it's not boot season yet, I'm pretty bummed out because I cant plan my outfits well. Last night was chillier than usual but then when I put on a decent jacket, I start feeling warm again. So while Mother nature is having her fun, I'm clearly not.Will you make up your mind already?

On another note, I'll be part of a very exciting project next week and I cant wait to disclose details about the event.

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Dress:Debenhams, Shoes:New Look, Bag:Monsoon Accessorize, Necklace:THM, Bangles:Assorted


  1. You look like an actual doll in the 5th picture :)

    Love the dress .... looks beautiful on you :)

  2. Stepped into ur blog for the first time and must say, absolutely loved it:) Being a malayali, I am sooo soo proud of you...the way you carry yourself and style yourself...its so classy ! I have bookmarked your blog and I am sure, Iam gonna frequent your blog from now on..Guess wot , I am sitting in my office and reading your entire blog, wotever I missed :) the pics r soooogood n u looking yummy yummy :) hats off to you aswathy and yeah, if eva you plan a Bangalore trip, let me know, would luv to meet you :) :) Keep rocking !

    1. Hi manju, thank you so much for your feedback ! I am actually planning a trip some time next year as bangalore is like my second home ;)

      Im glad you like the blog !

  3. Oh wow ! Pls do let me know when you are here in the garden city and I would definitely would like to meet you :) Till then keep writing, stay happy n stay stylish! Huggz!