Friday, November 1, 2013

Seasons in Bahrain

 It's quite sad that while some parts of the world are in the Autumn phase- leaves browning, cool breezes, and lots of crunchy leaves to step on, we're still  slightly sweating in the afternoon. Sigh.
Bahrain has three seasons- Summer, Extreme summer and Almost winter.Yep.That's one reason why we cant experiment with transitional clothing in Bahrain. But now that I know it's starting to get a little cooler during the evenings, I always  make sure that I carry a cardigan or a blazer with me, something that's not too heavy to throw on when I get cold.

One good thing about "almost winter" in Bahrain is that you can experiment with light layering and lots of it.
I decided to wear a crisp white blouse to work with a cropped cardigan over and added in a printed scarf to match the hues of my tan pants and handbag.
On a completely different note, I'm planning on chopping off my locks on January 1st next year. It's a ritual. I always get one before my birthday so I'm open to suggestions! Bangs? Ombre hair? A great hairdresser? Help me out guys!

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Top:Max(12 years old and in mint condition), Pants:HM, Cardigan:Aftershock, Scarf:Monsoon, Bag:Thrifted, Shoes:Miss Selfridge


  1. go for a bob like victoria beckham! u'll look beautiful! I luv how u put this outfit together!!!

    1. Hmmm. Must find a wig like VBs n see how it would look. Thank you :)

  2. Your blog will be Hacked soon

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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