Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Turkish Hammam at Pure Spa, Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel

Pure Spa- Waiting Area
We all know how great it feels to step into the shower after a long stressful day at work . The minute those first few drops of warm water run down your back, all you want to do is sit there and soak up the steam and relax. Know the feeling? Love it? Yeah so do I ! But wait, there’s something even better.
Yesterday, I got the chance to experience the Turkish Hammam, which, by the way, is the biggest in Bahrain, at Pure Spa in Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel, Bahrain City Center.

Upon arriving, I didn't know what to expect. I expected something similar to a Moroccan bath but I ended up being pampered for a good 45 minutes, and it was a whole lot better than a Moroccan bath.
The friendly staff greeted me and showed me into the changing room, well equipped with individual lockers containing a few bath and hygiene essentials, a spa robe and super comfy spa slippers.
Eager to check out the Hammam, I quickly changed and went in. The spa offers disposable underwear for the treatment, but you may bring your own bikini if you like. Note that it has to be a two piece and not a swimsuit. Also, If you’re wearing any makeup, you will want to take it off before the treatment.
I was welcomed into the treatment room by my therapist named Huda, who was extremely friendly and kind. She guided me into the Hammam’s wet lounge, consisting of 4 mini pools, each set to a certain temperature. I relaxed in a pool of beautiful warm water. It was right then I could feel all my stress melt away. Just like that. And this was only the beginning!
After 10 minutes, I was escorted into the Hammam. It was a huge room that accommodated a large, heated marble stone bed in the center, where the treatment is performed. The room is set at 45 degrees so it’s like being in a giant sauna while being scrubbed and massaged at the same time. After the first 20 minutes while I was being scrubbed squeaky clean with the traditional kese mitt, Huda then, with all her expertise, creates a blanket of foam to envelope me in and I’m not kidding when I say, the way the foam is created is something you guys have to see! (Don’t try it at home. You cant, even if you wanted to.) All your stress will completely disown you as you're being pampered on a hot stone bed.A very soothing foam massage and a quick hair wash later, I was taken back out into the wet lounge again, and this time I was asked to immerse myself in a mini pool, set to 12* C. I was hesitant at first but Huda made it so easy on me and asked me to be quick at it, so the cold water doesn't hit me that hard.
The feeling of spending 45 minutes in a steam room and then dipping into a chilled pool is really something else and completely makes you feel de-stressed, rejuvenated and fresh!
Back in the changing room, I dried my hair and took my time getting dressed whilst sipping on some hot ginger tea.

Now apart from the traditional Turkish hammam, you can choose from a variety of treatments* in the hammam, like the Royal hammam, where you're being soaked in a honey mask or an Arabic Coffee hammam, where coffee beans are ground and used on the body to enhance the ancient experience through time. You can also book yourself the Private hammam or the Luxurious treatment , both promising to awaken your senses and let your mind wander to the tranquility of the ancient Ottomans.
* All the hammam treatments range from BD 30 to BD 60.

My first time experiencing a traditional Turkish Hammam where all the products used are 100% authentic from Turkey, and it was simply wonderful. I highly recommend this to any one who’s looking to pamper themselves or a loved one. The hammam is open to both men and women but there are fixed timings for men only and women only.

My suggestion? Book in an appointment with your close friends or family and take a day off to relax and unwind at Pure Spa! What are you waiting for? Your weekend looks wide open folks.

The Hammam Wet lounge

The Hammam Wet Lounge

Inside the Hammam

Massage room at Pure Spa

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For more information or to book your appointment, feel free to call Pure Spa on +973 1717 1122 or email spa.bahrain@kempinski.com

You can even follow Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel, Bahrain on their official Facebook page by simply clicking HERE.


  1. This is new plce?

  2. waaaww im gna try!

  3. Great post Ashwathy! Just wondering if they have couple packages.

    1. It's not offered as s package but you can ask them and depending on how many clients they have that day, they might be able to give u a time slot for you and your husband.

  4. Dear Aswathy

    Thank you for your wonderful review and we're delighted that you enjoyed your experience at the Pure Spa. We look forward to welcoming you again soon!

    Dear Suaad

    Just to clarify that we do have a variety of treatments, such as massages, available at the couple's spa suite where you are ensured your complete privacy. Specific packages for couples in the Turkish Hammam itself are currently not available.

    However, as Ashwathy pointed out, you can contact the spa directly and ask if they can accommodate you on a case by case basis. Please call us on +973 1717 1122 or email spa.bahrain@kempinski.com

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