Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pink, Yellow and Floral prints

Blouse and Shoes:Gifted-Australia, Dress:River Island,Bag:Monsoon, Accessories:Assorted.

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Just as I’m in the mind frame that the weather is phasing into spring, Mother Nature plays it hard with the chilly winds yet again.
Oh well, the afternoons are usually sunny so I stepped out in this gorgeous floral netted blouse (gifted by a dear friend), worn over a dress to make the broad hemline border look like a skirt. I love the stud detailing on the collar of the blouse.
Speaking of studs, notice my kitten heeled shoes? Needless to say, I heart them. Bonus points because they’re so comfy, I could walk for miles in them!

On another note, learn to experiment with color. You don’t always have to pair each and every bright colour in your wardrobe with neutrals like black or white. Don’t be afraid to don bright on bright. Take the chance, be bold and be different. Stop gelling with the crowd, stand out of it.



  1. Love the look!! So pretty and cute!! :)

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  2. OMG this looks so perfect :) Love your floral top :))

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    1. Thank you so much :) ;) xxxxx you have a wonderful blog !!!

  3. You look so cute! Particularly love the hairband and the shoes.

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  4. It seems like Ugly Betty threw up on you.