Sunday, August 10, 2014

Denim, Burgundy and Navy

 Like black and white, white and tan, mint and pink, navy and beige, one of my all time favorite combinations is- Denim and Burgundy/Maroon/Bordeaux- whatever you like to call it.

Because the location for the shoot was so beautiful and full of lush green tones, the idea of working with burgundy seemed good to me. I love rich reds and deep purples against a forest green color palette and while I would have paired this Bordeaux skirt with black or white, I opted for navy instead, as I found the tones rather daring. A rugged jacket not only make the look go from casual brunch to a quick pub stop easy, it also made me not worry about where they day would take me. I love these strappy block heeled shoes as they're super comfortable and wearable throughout the day! A great sale buy, these babies can be paired with cut off denims, dresses and jeans without making you look "too dressed up" for a casual event.
Maybe I should have picked up the tan color way as well, huh?

On another note, say hello to my new shoot location. It's acres of greenery and flowers and you'll definitely be seeing more of it the posts to come!

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Top: Camaieu, Skirt and Jacket: Mango, Shoes: Zara, Bag: Spring