Wednesday, July 3, 2013

An outfit post and why I've been MIA.

 Its been forever since I did an outfit post or blogged for that matter, but the only reason is because the past two weeks have been CRAZY BUSY. Work was hectic and there were just too many events listed in my planner and timing was so tight that I actually (sadly) had to decline invitations to a few events :(
I'm so sorry about the lack of posts you guys, I really am. And now that I finally have the time to breathe, go back to my normal blogging routine and catch up on reading the last book of the Crossfire series, I promise to post more products reviews and even hairstyles, as suggested by some of you on my instagram account!
On another note, let me tell you ladies one thing. Sparkly headband + loose waves + dark lips + box dress = Instant vintage chic! Try it out for yourself !
And do forgive me for being MIA for so long.Pretty please?

Dress:Seventh Heaven, Headband, Clutch, Bracelets: Monsoon, Shoes:Zara
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  1. Loving your blog!
    That's such a cute outfit too.
    s for sadia

  2. Really love this look very 1920s :)

  3. Hi Ashwathy. I have been following your posts ever since it started and I just love it. I have noticed that your jawline is become more prominent. I would really love to know how you got that worked out since I'm having double chin :(

  4. Heeeyyy!!! I guess I just lost weight because I stopped eating too much junk. That plus work stress.

  5. WHOA ! It's one of 'em Greek Goddesses ! *-*